16 pictures of food in strange shapes

16 pictures of food in strange shapes

Who hasn’t eaten a banana that was strangely shaped or found caked cornflakes in the cereal bowl that formed a sizeable lump? The following people did not fare much differently either.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

They just discovered extremely curious foods that look like they’ve mutated. A huge carrot, an oversized lettuce leaf – that would take first place in every competition:

1. “These incredible, almost 2.3 kg heavy lobster claws.”

This ridiculous, nearly five pound lobster claw. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. “It’s a 1.2 m long tromboncino zucchini.”

This is a four foot long tromboncino squash from r / mildlyinteresting

3. “I found a wizard among my gummy bears.”

Found a Wizard in my Gummy Bear pack from r / mildlyinteresting

4. “For my part, I welcome our mutated carrot rulers.”

I for one welcome our mutant carrot overlords from r / AbsoluteUnits

5. “I discovered a small bicycle between my pasta.”

I found a single piece of bicycle shaped pasta in my penne from r / mildlyinteresting

6. “This incredible carrot hand was found on our farm today.”

This incredible carrot hand was found while digging juice carrots at our farm today from r / mildlyinteresting

7. “My daughter found the biggest blackberry I’ve ever seen.”

Daughter found the largest blackberry I’ve ever seen from r / mildlyinteresting

8. “This apple has an apple that grows out of it.”

This apple, which has an apple growing out of it. from r / mildlyinteresting

9. “Bingo.”

Jackpot! from r / pics

10. One leaf and you have the salad.

Absolute Unit of a Collard Green from r / AbsoluteUnits

11. “I found a triple banana.”

I found a tripple Banana from r / mildlyinteresting

12. “One of our chickens laid a giant egg today.”

One of our chickens laid a really big egg today from r / mildlyinteresting

13. “In my tangerine today there was an almost perfect mini tangerine.”

Todays clementine had an almost perfect mini clementine inside … from r / mildlyinteresting

14. “A giant clove of garlic.”

This giant clove of garlic from r / mildlyinteresting

15. “I ate a small quadruple banana this morning.”

I had a quadruple mini banana this morning from r / mildlyinteresting

16. “These gummy bears formed a huge chain in the pack.”

These gummy bears came stuck together in the bag. from r / mildlyinteresting

Anyone who finds such a gummy bear snake in their pack has been very lucky. These fifteen people made similarly curious discoveries. It’s rather slippery here.

If you don’t want to rely on your luck in the supermarket, you can also grow (potentially) giant vegetables at home. Not a bad idea considering how many foods poison the body. By the way, there are some good tricks that can be used to extend the shelf life of food.

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