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16 pictures of embarrassing Instagram fakes

16 pictures of embarrassing Instagram fakes

The competition for public attention is relentless. It is therefore not surprising that many media personalities such as models, influencers or actors “optimize” their appearance with countless tricks in order to attract more attention. Plastic surgery and, above all, Photoshop are popular.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the Instagram fakes.)

The Instagram page “beauty.false” collects examples of this practice and reveals how numerous, seemingly flawlessly beautiful women look in reality. How far the digital optimization craze goes can be seen in these embarrassing Instagram fakes:

1. Blogger Mariam Rahman on Instagram and in reality.

2. Yes, this bum is actually not that big.

3. The model Cindy Kimberly. Nice, but not as perfect as it was made to believe.

4. The English “Love Island” participant Zara Mcdermott actually has a not quite as tight stomach.

5. This was probably helped with a small cosmetic operation …

6. The unvarnished truth.

7. Apparently not only the color saturation was increased.

8. Playing with light and shadow.

9. The picture speaks for itself …

10. A difference can already be seen.

11. The waist looks a little different.

12. The few extra pounds are hardly noticeable.

13. Losing weight can be so easy with Photoshop!

14. The playboy model Khloë Terae with and without image processing.

15. A picture sometimes obscures more than a thousand words.

16. Fortunately, this unhealthy looking wasp waist isn’t real.

This shows one more time that the images from magazines and social media are an unattainable ideal of beauty that can by no means be taken as a model – because no one is in reality as flawless and perfect as in these Instagram fakes. And you really don’t have to!

Thumbnail: © Instagram / beauty.false

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