16 pictures of animals without a neck

16 pictures of animals without a neck

Not only children have a vivid imagination, adults can still have great imaginations. Some of them can even use an image editing program such as Photoshop.

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This also includes an Instagram user named Chase, who for whatever reason asked himself what the (animal) world would look like without necks. Instead of settling for his own head, he sat down and used Photoshop to bring his imagination to life in the following sixteen images. These and other pictures can be found on the Instagram account “nonecks” (in German roughly: no necks):

1. A kangaroo that looks a bit like a two-legged mouse.

2. Are you kidding?

3. At least you can’t break your neck without a neck.

4. He looks sad, poor man!

5. Head over heels.

6. Without a neck, it looks less dangerous.

7. That shouldn’t affect him too much when flying.

8. Deceptively real.

9. How cute!

10. At least its trunk is as long as it was before.

11. A cute fellow.

12. Square, practical, good.

13. As a rider, you run the risk of slipping forward.

14. A hump, not a neck.

15. Maybe the neck is still growing?

16. A pony seal.

They may look strange, but at least these fantasy creatures will be spared a sore throat. Further entertaining and interesting animal galleries are linked under this paragraph:

Thumbnails: © Instagram / nonecks © Instagram / nonecks

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