16 pictures depicting examples of pareidolia

16 pictures depicting examples of pareidolia

Ghosts, dark figures or terrifying monsters – who hasn’t thought as a child that they saw a monster or something like that? Often it is mere shadows or simple outlines that play tricks on our brain, usually late at night. In fact, our thinking organ has a fundamental tendency to adapt diffuse or random patterns to more familiar shapes.

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Faces are especially important, as the pareidolia phenomenon shows. Many people recognize faces in inanimate objects that are actually not there. Most readers will see one face or the other in the following sixteen images – just like those who took these photos:

1. A baked potato with a human face.

Baked potato

2. “I tore off the doorknob and he was just as shocked as I was.”

Pulled the door handle off and he was as shocked as I was. from r / Pareidolia

3. “This rock formation looks like a mother who is breastfeeding her newborn child.”

these two rocks look like a mother breastfeeding her new born child from r / mildlyinteresting

4. What a psychedelic-disturbing sight.

I want to believe from r / pics

5. How did he get his face in there?

When the dog looks like your slice of banana.

6. “Taube makes aa in the form of a self-portrait.”

Pigeon poops portrait of itself on a leaf from r / nevertellmetheodds

7. “There’s a lion with sunglasses on the belly of a cricket.”

There is a Lion wearing sunglasses at the back of this cricket from r / mildlyinteresting

8. “A cute dog who is actually just a rust stain.”

A cute dog but actually just rust from r / funny

9. “This overflowing cupcake looks like an elephant.”

This overflowing cupcake ended up looking like an elephant. from r / mildlyinteresting

10. “Let’s get out!”

Let us out! from r / funny

11. “This snow on the mountain top looks like a lizard.”

The snow on top of this mountain that looks like a lizard from r / mildlyinteresting

12. “A dragon tree.”

Dragon tree from r / Pareidolia

13. “I’m flying!”

I’m flying !!! from r / Pareidolia

14. What a bad dwarf!

What house would you belong to? I found this behind my office from r / funny

15. “The bubbles form the outline of a small cat.”

Bubbles that form a little cat shape from r / mildlyinteresting

16. “My car seems to be very happy about the snow storm.”

My car seems pretty happy about the snowstorm. from r / pics

Who didn’t recognize faces here? Certainly only very few.

  • There are other optical illusions that arose here by chance.
  • This optical illusion, which plays a fascinating trick on your eyes, was not created by chance.
  • This great illusion is even suitable as an impressive party gag.
  • These illusions come straight from the garden.
  • But 3D tattoos also trick the brain.

Thumbnails: © reddit / u / MonsterPooper © Imgur / meebit

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