16 perfectly timed images

16 perfectly timed images

The day has 86,400 seconds, a second consists of one thousand milliseconds. If you now realize how many possible perspectives you can take a photo from, then it is amazing how small the probability must have been that the following sixteen pictures were taken.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Precisely to the second, sometimes to the millisecond, and from the decisive perspective, the following people pressed the shutter release of their camera. The result are fascinating shots that are rarely marveled at and that take the eye to the black ice:

1. “This cat assembles itself.”

This cat assembling itself from r / confusing_perspective

2. “Perfectly timed.”

Perfectly timed from r / woahdude

3. “My wife took this picture of our cats at the perfect moment.”

This picture my wife captured at the perfect moment of our cats 😂 from r / funny

4. “This is the best picture my mother has ever taken of me.”

This is the best photo my mom ever took of me. from r / funny

5. “He learns the hard way.”

Learning the hard way. from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

6. “Because the picture was taken at the right moment, it looks like my nephew has magical powers.”

The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender. from r / mildlyinteresting

7. “My friend’s dog sticks his tongue in his mouth while he’s laughing.”

My friend’s dog sneaking it’s tongue into his mouth while he was laughing. from r / PerfectTiming

8. “I photographed this incredible meteor while I was at Rattlesnake Lake in Washington State last weekend. You can see the exact moment when it splits in half. “

Caught this incredible exploding meteor when I went to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington, USA last weekend. Zoom in to see the exact moment it explodes in two. [OC] [3300 x 4960] from r / EarthPorn

9. “This man saved our dog. In the background you can see our cat jumping out of the window. “

This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window. from r / pics

10. “I just said, ‘I can’t believe it’ll never fall in!'”

I had just finished saying “I can’t believe she never falls in!” from r / PerfectTiming

11. “Lightning strikes the three tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time.”

Lightning striking simultaneously on Chicago’s three tallest buildings from r / nevertellmetheodds

12. “She kicked the phone out of my hands at exactly the right moment.”

She kicked the phone out of my hands at exactly the right moment. 10/10 good g0rl from r / rarepuppers

13. “My father’s chair gave in when the Coast Guard changed command.”

My Father’s chair failing at a Coast Guard change of command from r / pics

14. “In this photo of my friend it looks like she is doing a handstand on the water.”

This diving photo I took of my friend makes it look she’s doing a handstand on water from r / pics

15. “She sat on my shoulder.”

She landed on my shoulder from r / pics

16. “My cat seems to have misplaced her body somewhere.”

My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere from r / confusing_perspective

Photos like that are really worth gold, aren’t they? Under this paragraph you will find more sensational galleries about wonderfully successful snapshots:

Thumbnails: © reddit / Flums666 © reddit / u / Jorarl

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