16 people who were very unlucky

16 people who were very unlucky

Everyone wishes for a bit of luck, but is sometimes served a good helping of bad luck. From foxes laying on cars to a cupboard that suddenly falls from the wall and destroys the new stove – unfortunately, misfortune comes in all shapes and colors.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

The following sixteen funny pictures show what else can happen to an unlucky person. For these people, the day is guaranteed to be over!

1. “A few weeks ago, the washing machine’s spin cycle suddenly broke, so my laundry was still completely soaked after the wash cycle. That happened today … “

A few weeks ago the washer stopped running the spin cycle so all the clothes were coming out soaked. Then today this happened … from r / Wellthatsucks

2. “My scales didn’t feel like eating anymore that I developed during the quarantine.”

I guess my scale was tired of my Covid eating habits from r / Wellthatsucks

3. “I was hit by a drunk driver yesterday.”

Got smacked by a drunk driver yesterday. from r / Wellthatsucks

4. “My child and I went to the park only to find that the playground is no longer there.”

My toddler and I walked to the park …… just to find that the whole playground has been removed: / from r / Wellthatsucks

5. “How did you get the idea to put an iron on a laptop?”

Who would place an iron on a laptop? from r / Wellthatsucks

6. “I slipped in the shower and ended up on the toilet.”

Slipped in the shower, landed on the toilet from r / Wellthatsucks

7. “My only monitor that I bought a few months ago broke.”

Desk may be messy, but my one and only monitor that I bought just a few months ago broke 🙁 from r / Wellthatsucks

8. “My friend wanted to wash a down pillow.”

Boyfriend tried to wash a down pillow … from r / Wellthatsucks

9. “I discovered a leak in our ceiling. When I checked to see where it leaked through, I found my brand new PC destroyed by water. I bought it about a month ago for $ 1,500. I’m a student and that was my money for college. Rest in peace.”

found out that we had a leak in our ceiling after coming downstairs to see my brand new $ 1500 pc (got it ~ month ago) destroyed by water. I’m a college student … that was my college money. Rip from r / Wellthatsucks

10. “My uncle’s car this morning …”

My uncle’s car this morning. … from r / Wellthatsucks

11. “My friend has just renovated his driveway. Then a courier came by. “

My BF just got his driveway re-done. Fed-Ex came by to deliver a package. from r / Wellthatsucks

12. “I’ve sorted my cards! And then I fell … “

Finished sorting my cards! And then I fell … from r / Wellthatsucks

13. “My neighbour’s fence fell over because of the heavy hail.”

My neighbors fence fell because it’s hailing so hard from r / Wellthatsucks

14. “I went to the basement to do laundry …”

Went down to the basement to do laundry … from r / Wellthatsucks

15. “The closet crashed down the very day the new glass-topped stove was installed.”

When your cabinet decides it’s time to break loose and come crashing down the day you install your brand new glass top stove. from r / Wellthatsucks

16. “Merry Christmas on the ground.”

Merry Christmas to the ground from r / Wellthatsucks

Ouch, that almost hurts when you look! How nice would it be if you could turn back time after such incidents? Other interesting articles and galleries about unlucky people are linked under this paragraph:

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