16 people who have blossomed

16 people who have blossomed

Sitting upright for the first time, the first steps, the first word – in the early years most people develop at a similar pace and differ little. By puberty at the latest, however, some girls and boys bloom like orchids, while many others lead an awkward shadowy existence and are not particularly attractive or popular.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

Fortunately, this fate often has an expiration date. As in the well-known story of the ugly duckling, quite a few wallflowers and couch potatoes overcome their difficult initial phase and later bloom splendidly, so that they can no longer be recognized within a few years. If you are one of the late bloomers yourself and don’t want to believe it, you should look at the following sixteen pictures:

1. “27 years and 37 years. Getting older is not that bad. “

27 to 37. Getting older isn’t so bad 🙂 from r / uglyduckling

2. “As a 15-year-old and a 25-year-old.”

15-25 from r / uglyduckling

3. “I dyed my hair, opened my eyes and got eyebrows. I don’t know, at some point I got it. Left: 13 years. Right: 21 years. “

dyed my hair, opened my eyes, got eyebrows … idk figured my shit out (13y / o-21y / o) from r / uglyduckling

4. “Left as a 17-year-old and right as a 27-year-old. Back then, people said I looked like Hurley from the TV series Lost out.”

17 left and 27 right. People said I looked like Hurley from LOST from r / uglyduckling

5. “17 and 27. I didn’t want to die young from a drug overdose, so I decided to cut my hair. I am ten years later. “

17-27 I decided that I didn’t want to die young from drug overdose so I cut my hair and here we are 10 years later. from r / uglyduckling

6. From flower child to muscle man.

15 vs 28. from r / uglyduckling

7. “People called me ‘Cheek Face’. Ten years can make a big difference! “

People used to call me cheeks, 10 years can do a lot! from r / uglyduckling

8. “Back then as a 12-year-old: I hadn’t kissed a boy before, but could play the violin pretty well. Today as a 24-year-old: I still haven’t kissed a boy, I play the violin badly, but I finally know what I want to do with my life! “

Then (12): Hasn’t kissed a boy, but pretty good at violin. Now (24): Still hasn’t kissed a boy, bad at violin, but finally has some direction in life !! from r / uglyduckling

9. “I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

Proud of how far I’ve come (more pics in comment) from r / uglyduckling

10. A difference like day and night.

14 vs 36 from r / uglyduckling

11. “From fat to less fat. Strange how a year and a few months can change your life. “

Thicc to less thicc. Weird how a year and a few months can change your life. from r / uglyduckling

12. “Hello! That’s me at 14 and 21 years old. “

Hi!! Me, 14 -> 21. from r / uglyduckling

13. From good to casual.

15> 22! from r / uglyduckling

14. “Left: I as an insecure, pizza-loving 17-year-old. Right: I, as a 25-year-old who still loves pizza, but also learned to love myself. “

“When I loved pizza & was insecure (17)” Versus “Still love pizza & learned to love myself (25)” from r / uglyduckling

15. “Pink has always been my favorite color. 13 years and 25 years. “

Pink has always been a favorite (13/25) from r / uglyduckling

16. “In the picture on the left I am 16 years old, had never kissed a boy and really believed that at 40 I was still a virgin. In the picture on the right I am 26 years old and much happier. “

Left (16 years old, never kissed a boy, genuinely believed I would be a 40 year old virgin), Right (26 years old, much happier) from r / uglyduckling

Amazing what has become of these people! As you can see, everyone has great potential that can make a huge difference. And true beauty comes from within anyway.

You can find more galleries about people who have changed a lot under this paragraph:

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