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16 people share funny car stories on Twitter

16 people share funny car stories on Twitter

In 2019 there were around 39 million car owners in Germany, and around 270 million vehicles were on the road in the United States at that time. With so many motorized people bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps are naturally programmed; Every driver can tell a few stories that he has experienced with his wheeled vehicle.

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And because such experiences are usually very funny and entertaining, the American comedian Jimmy Fallon asked the viewers of his show to share their funniest car story under the hashtag “myworstcar” (in German: my worst car). The following is a selection of sixteen tweets that many drivers can identify with:

1. “My sister’s first car was so rickety and light that my smartphone didn’t break when she drove over it.”

2. “My car alarm went off randomly while I was driving. Some road users thought I was an undercover police officer and pulled over to let me pass. “

3. “Plymouth Horizon. I wanted to pick someone up for a rendezvous with this car. She looked out the window, saw the car, and closed the curtains. She never came outside. “

4. “Every time I closed the trunk, one of the doors opened. Then when I shut the door, the trunk opened again. Nevertheless, it remains my favorite car. “

5. “My worst car was my bright green VW Beetle that went up in flames in front of my parents’ house … The tree has not recovered even eleven years later.”

6. “My stupidest car was my ’86 VW Jetta, which I drove as a teenager. The car horn always went off when I turned left. That could only be avoided if you held the light lever exactly between the low beam and high beam. “

7. “My uncle gave me his AMC Pacer. No matter where I went: I was announced by a penetrating gasoline smell everywhere. My friends were always worried when they wanted to smoke near me. “

8. “I was driving on the autobahn when I was hit in the face by small chunks of ice. Later discovered that the air conditioning system was frozen and ice was hurled out of the ventilation slots. “

9. “My then new Mazda RX7 was actually really cool. The only thing he couldn’t stand the heat. I could never drive back home with it after a trip because the engine would not start when it was hot or just warm. “

10. “My first car didn’t have reverse gear. So I had to push it every time I wanted to park, for example. I even got it through the Swedish MOT, which is mandatory there once a year. Because reverse gear wasn’t tested, I passed the tests. I drove it for two and a half years. “

11. “My most annoying car had a speedometer and fuel gauge that only worked occasionally. I then had to estimate how much was left in the tank and how fast I was going. Fortunately, the car jerked at 100 km / h. To cut a long story short: That was my ‘best’ car because it just went up in flames at a rest stop. “

12. “Plastic parts under the steering wheel would sometimes fall off when I made a 180 degree turn. And once, when I was driving to a drive-in restaurant, flames broke out around the handbrake lever. We put out the fire with some water and towels that we got from an employee of the restaurant. “

13. “My worst car was a 1978 Ford LTD 2, but I loved it. It was called ‘the beast’ by my brother, but to me it was just ‘the bestial burden’ because it stopped so often. I always had to remove the red battery clamp when parking, otherwise the battery would discharge. “

14. “Bought my first car from my parents when I was 16 for $ 500. It was an ugly blue-green Ford Tempo from 1994. I tried to clear the snow with a stick during the first winter, but the car was so rusty that I stabbed the engine right through the hood with my stick. There is no better way to spend $ 500. “

15. “My 1978 Datsun had a big problem. The new windshield hadn’t been sealed. Every time it rained, liters of water poured in. The only way to avoid this was to drive in a straight line. If I couldn’t do that, I called out: ‘curve’ so that my passenger could hold a bucket to the dashboard to catch the water. “

16. “I had a Ford Tempo that blew the horn every time I turned left. I then just waved to the people. “

It’s funny what can go wrong with a car! At least if you don’t have to pay for it yourself. Here are links to other funny galleries about road traffic and its curious participants:

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