16 people share embarrassing dating stories

16 people share embarrassing dating stories

After you have arranged a rendezvous or date with an apparently suitable candidate, the big tingling usually begins. After all, after a romantic rendezvous, your whole life can be completely turned upside down. Maybe you will find the great love? Is it coming to the wedding? Will you have children or …

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… is it going to be a huge flop that will be remembered for a lifetime? Embarrassments, faux pas or other kinds of mishaps – the list of things that make a rendezvous unforgettable, for better or for worse, is long. The following sixteen embarrassing dating stories are an example:

1. cjwimm: “During a date in a haunted house, I wet my pants in shock. Big business. I was terrified of a clown and then it happened. After that, I stormed into a toilet and immediately threw away my underwear. My date thought that I was just really scared. “

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2. “An actually romantic picnic in the park was messed up when he told me about a documentary about cannibalism and then said that one day he would like to try it out.”

3. “I had taken a two hour train ride to meet a man. I didn’t get much out of it. I saw him standing on the platform, he saw me get off and then he ran away. After that I had to wait two hours for my return trip. “

4th amberm4a70b6479: “We went to have a coffee. I took a sip and sneezed at the same time. At first he just looked at me and then asked, ‘Did you just spit your coffee in my face?’ I got him and the table next to us. I was surprised that there was a second date afterwards! “

5. stylista69: “I was just about to show him how to do sit-ups and I had to fart loudly. He replied, ‘Oh, that’s how you do it.’ “

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6. “He showed up in a brown UPS work shirt, denim shorts and flip-flops. I asked him if he was coming from work and he said, ‘No, I just like this shirt’. I didn’t stay long enough to find out if he actually worked for UPS or not … “

7. “We went to a Chinese restaurant. I was so excited and nervous that I felt really sick. I ran out of the restaurant and threw up in its flower box. Nevertheless, we went out together for another year afterwards. “

8th. rhondav4a92ddb4c: “I stumbled down the stairs first when I wanted to greet him. Then I wanted to kiss him on the cheek. I missed him, however, and kissed him awkwardly on the lips. When we were about to sit down in the restaurant, I accidentally knocked over a plate on a nearby table. I guess it couldn’t have been that bad overall. 15 years have now passed. We are happily married and have three lovely, rather clumsy daughters! “

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9. “He was wearing a dirty white polo shirt and shorts. He seemed to think he was too cool to do laundry. At least he showered me with compliments until he realized I wasn’t going to sleep with him. Then he told me the compliments weren’t meant seriously and stomped off. “

10. “She stole my wallet, deleted her dating account, and disappeared while I was waiting in the cinema for her to come back from the bathroom.”

11. maggiea4eebb5f14: “I threw up in his pick-up when he wanted to kiss me.”

12. “He waited until we had ordered food and drinks. Then he asked me where I came from. When I told him, he slowly shook his head and mumbled, ‘No, I can’t.’ Then he got up and let me sit. As he went out, he told the staff that they could get the order for free. The employees at least offered me a pity beer. “

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13. “During a date, I noticed that my fly was open. I closed it and pinched some of the tablecloth in the process. When I got up from the table later, the tablecloth came with me. Water, food, flowers – everything was scattered everywhere. “

14. “It was a blind date and I was 16 years old. I found out later that the man didn’t live in an apartment or house, but in his van. When he parked it in front of my parents’ house, his van caught fire. My father almost went nuts. When I think back to it now as the mother of several sons, I feel sorry for this lost boy. “

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15th emmar4368873d2: “I had drunk wine and was already tipsy because of it. We went up to me and started making out. Then suddenly I noticed that his face was covered in blood. I panicked and said, ‘You’re bleeding!’ Horrified, he pointed to my face and I realized that my nose was bleeding badly. I washed my face in the bathroom and somehow thought it was logical to stick tampons up my nose to stop the bleeding. So I went back with two tampons in my nose – and yes, the mood was gone. “

16. “I had my worst date at the cinema. He wanted to be with me star Wars look, but fell asleep on my shoulder during the film, snored the whole time and, as I later noticed, drooled on my hair as well. “

Is there anything worse than peeking your pants on a date? Although the history of the nosebleed wasn’t entirely without it. In any case, things can go wrong when looking for the love of your life. More funny and interesting articles and galleries on this and similar topics are linked under this paragraph:

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