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16 nature images show the power of nature

16 nature images show the power of nature

Since man has been on this earth, nature has to give way to him steadily. More and more forests and meadows have to disappear for the needs of our rapidly growing population on this planet. But nature does not allow itself to be put in its place and takes back what rightfully belongs to it.

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The following pictures impressively show that flora and fauna are quite capable of defending themselves against the invasive behavior of our species with the means available to them.

1. This tree has almost incorporated an entire stop sign.

I saw a tree eating a stop sign. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. There is a lot of moss on this lost shoe.

Found a shoe in the woods from r / mildlyinteresting

3. An abandoned house in Norway that now has its own forest on the roof.

4. Over time, the Buddha statue was swallowed up by a mangrove forest.

5. This former home stands in an abandoned fishing village in Russia and is being carried away bit by bit by the waves.

6. The Scola Tower is a former defensive structure off the coast of Italy that is being swallowed up more and more by nature.

7. A flourishing boat.

8. In the end, nature takes back its habitat.

9. An abandoned church in France.

10. This old stone hut in Ireland is more or less uninhabited. In any case, the tree seems to like its domicile.

11. After a flood: Despite the drainage and renovation, the mushrooms are now springing up from the bedroom floor.

Mushrooms growing through the floor! from r / reclaimedbynature

12. During World War II, many American soldiers stationed in Belgium bought cars. After the war they left the cars behind, which is why you can still find such car cemeteries in the Ardennes today.

13. Up until 1989 there were still 22,000 people in the Georgian city of Tqwartscheli. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the inhabitants fled and let nature rule.

Abandoned City Akarmara, Abkhazia from r / AbandonedPorn

14. It is well known that you reap what you sow. Sometimes, however, nature also settles where it wants to.

These plants growing out of someone’s car. from r / mildlyinteresting

15. This abandoned office building is located in Germany, near Frankfurt. Various mosses have made themselves really comfortable on the carpet.

Abandoned office found with lots of moss and mold [OC] from r / AbandonedPorn

16. If you don’t move your car for a long time, you may not find it again.

Many of these bizarre images have an eerie beauty about them that inspires awe of our unique planet.

Thumbnail: © Reddit / gravityisweak © Reddit / VomitCoffin666

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