16 messy roommates

16 messy roommates

It is only when you live with a person and share everyday life that their true nature becomes apparent. Even those who groom themselves in public, are polite and courteous, can suddenly mutate into the piglet par excellence in the protection of their own four walls – much to the chagrin of the housemates.

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Regardless of whether they are roommates, partners, siblings or children – these 16 individuals leave behind a swath of devastation at home and make living together a test of patience.

1. “My father bites pieces of butter.”

My dad who takes bites out of butter … disgusting from r / mildlyinfuriating

2. “My roommate has made himself at home in the living room.”

When your housemate uses the living room as his bedroom from r / badroommates

3. “My flat-share mate is having trouble finding the right hole.”

My roommate has difficulties in finding the right hole. from r / funny

4. “The sink after my friend shaves.”

This is how my boyfriend leaves the sink after he shaves. from r / mildlyinfuriating

5. “I wanted to get milk from the refrigerator, but someone put it on hold.”

I went to the fridge to get milk for my cereal but someone put the milk back with this much. from r / mildlyinfuriating

6. “This is how my father puts things in the refrigerator. That’s a piece of steak. “

The way my dad puts things away in the fridge. This is a piece of steak …. from r / mildlyinfuriating

7. “My wife: ‘It’s always so cold in our house, the heating doesn’t work!'”

“It’s always so cold in our house. Our furnace sucks.” -Wife Jan2020 -32C. from r / mildlyinfuriating

8. “My mother always nibbles the chocolate from the ice cream and then puts it back in the freezer.”

My mom always eats the chocolate and puts it back in the freezer like that …. from r / mildlyinfuriating

9. “This is my first time living in a shared apartment. I’m already looking for another place to stay. “

Day 6 of living with a roommate for the first time. I’m looking for a new place. from r / badroommates

10. “My husband bought a cold foam mattress – for ‘his side of the bed’.”

My husband bought memory foam for “his side of the bed” from r / mildly infuriating

11. “How my wife puts away the dishwasher.”

How my wife loads the dishwasher from r / mildly infuriating

12. “My friend has admitted the shopping. They are still in the bag. “

The way my GF “puts away the groceries” still in the bag from r / mildly infuriating

13. “How my family uses toothpaste.”

The way my family leaves the toothpaste (rock solid) from r / mildly infuriating

14. “My wife never pays attention to what’s left in the house before she goes shopping.”

Wife doesn’t pay attention to what we already have when buying groceries. from r / mildlyinfuriating

15. “And they said to me that I should live with a woman, then it would be more orderly …”

Live with a girl they said, things will be clean they said … from r / funny

16. After all, the roommate apologized for the dirty flat share.

My roommate left a surprise in the kitchen, while i was outside. from r / trashy

Bite marks in the butter, stubble in the sink and make-up explosions in the bathroom – it certainly doesn’t take long for the house blessing to hang crooked. Especially now, when you spend so much time in your home due to the lockdown, the potential for conflict is even greater. You need to be even more considerate towards your roommates!

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