16 men who like things that are supposedly only for women

16 men who like things that are supposedly only for women

“When is a man a man?” In the well-known song “Men” by Herbert Grönemeyer from 1984, this question is asked in the refrain. And it has not lost its relevance to this day: There is still a lot of discussion about what makes a “real” man.

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Regardless of how one would answer this question personally, there are not a few things that are socially considered to be more “women stuff” and thus deeply unmanly. However, this assessment is increasingly wavering. Why should preferences and hobbies be assigned to a gender instead of a character?

On the internet platform reddit have therefore told male users what things they like that are supposedly only for women:

1. MasteringTheFlames: “I’m the type with longer hair that reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades. I was with a couple of friends one evening. A friend wanted to braid my hair. Gosh, that felt great! I love the feeling when someone plays with my hair. “

hairfreaky long hair

2. EpikTin: “Skin care! I use toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. It has long been considered ‘girly’, but for that you can have interesting conversations with the ladies! It also feels good to have a routine before going to bed and to take care of your own skin! “

3. Secret_One: “I enjoy a coffee party with cookies.”

4th itchyyanklee: “Sewing and designing clothes. And I don’t mean having embarrassing slogans printed on mass-produced T-shirts, but real outfits and items of clothing. “

Western Canada Fashion Week 2016 Spring - Edmonton

5. NutWithinANut: “Some soaps, lotions or shower products for women. The men’s stuff just smells like super aggressive nasal killers. It doesn’t even make sense that these products are marketed by gender at all. “

6th itsnotimportant2021: “Fresh flowers. I love lilies. “

7th Ghostmerc86: “Ballet. I had danced for years, mostly hip-hop and acrobatics, before trying ballet. I wish I had tried earlier. “

A ballet dancer

8th. CringeOverseer: “I watch romantic comedies. Some of them are fun, relaxing and, in short, simple good films. “

9. Ibz89: “Manicure. I’ve only had two so far, but gosh, that was so relaxing. You have a peaceful moment all to yourself. And how my hands feel afterwards is worth every penny. “

10. BlursedSV23769: “You can’t say that I like to cry or show my feelings, but this ‘boy don’t cry’ is just bullshit.”

Crying Man- Must Link to https://thoroughlyreviewed.com

11. TheHunterZolomon: “I sleep with cuddly toys. I’m a grown man, but I don’t care. “

12. TealGame: “Sitting while peeing. It’s much more convenient and I don’t have to be careful about hitting. Besides, I’m already in the right position in case I have to do big business. “

13th 000003eyes: “Crochet. It’s very relaxing and you do something useful. “

Crochet bag

14th the_potato278: “I think colors are really great. It seems to me that black, gray, white and navy blue are the only colors that are acceptable for men, and that’s stupid. I love my pink jeans! “

15th Tummy_banana69: “Fruity cocktails.”

16. baldbychoice: “Hand cream. Whenever I find hand cream in a bathroom, I put it on. Then you get soft, fantastic smelling hands. And the finger joints don’t look like tree bark either. “

Soothing 24hr moisture ...

Apparently there are quite a few men who don’t care about any conventions and who take pleasure in supposedly “women’s things”. What makes you happy is and remains cross-gender.

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