16 funny tweets from crazy family experiences

16 funny tweets from crazy family experiences

A completely normal family – is there such a thing? Ultimately, everyone has their quirks and quirks and these are blatantly revealed in the family circle. This is also borne out by the following tweets, in which Internet users report their craziest and funniest family experiences.

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There is the normal family madness and there are crazy experiences that are indelibly burned into your memory. The lines in between are fluid, as you can see from these funny tweets:

1. “My mom likes to dress up the turkey before she cooks it for Thanksgiving.”

2. “Every year my aunt apologizes for forgetting my father’s birthday even though he is a twin.” (©Twitter / Andwejigglelike)

3. “This is my son in math class. A figurehead for home tuition. “

4. “My mother once gave my partner the urn containing my father’s ashes and said, ‘Please put Dave in the passenger seat and buckle him up!’ Just to see if he would. Of course he did. ”(©Twitter / MissErinRenee)

5. “When I went shopping, I was always attracted to my son in the store. At the checkout I said, ‘Brian! That’s enough! ‘ He looked at me seriously and said, ‘Mom, it’s me, your son John. Do you remember? Everything will be fine, it is time for your medicine. ‘”(©Twitter / HelenEl96490491)

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6. “Every Christmas my father prints out my brother’s entire internet history from the previous year and makes a booklet out of it for the entertainment of the whole family.”Twitter / pinkeyegus)

7. “A few years ago I went to the restaurant with my mother and a friend’s family. When we arrived and greeted everyone, my mother hugged a man and said, ‘I didn’t recognize you!’ And she couldn’t do that either because she had hugged a complete stranger who just wanted to go back to his table. ”(©Twitter / wethemonica13)

8. “As a toddler, my son opened the pants of my pantsuit up to the belly button while I was talking to the pastor.” (©Twitter / lilrascal441)

9. “My father sent that to me this morning.” Message: “Got my second corona vaccination today … oh, oh!”

10. “When we were children and our mother often left us in the car when she went shopping, we always sat very still with wide eyes so that passers-by would think we were dead.” (©Twitter / shaydars)

11. “Every time I said goodbye to my great grandmother, she bit my earlobe really bad when I hugged her. Whenever I brought this up, my mom just said: ‘It’s just such a habit.’ ”(©Twitter / meganhughes93)

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12. “My mother attaches great importance to etiquette and good manners. When we eat in a restaurant with the family, my sister waits until as many people as possible are sitting around us and screams: ‘No! I don’t want to go back to jail! ‘ My mom calls out: ‘Damn it!’ ”(©Twitter / LizSmith1950)

13. “My mother sends parcels that are extremely embarrassingly decorated. She even started printing out pictures of our dogs with quotes. My father has to give it up. I am convinced that the greatest fun for them is embarrassing my father in the mail. “

14. “A friend’s family sent out Christmas cards every year with the height and weight of all family members.” (©Twitter / jimmyfallon)

15. “My mother always announces when she has to fart, no matter where we are. Once we were in the supermarket when she looked at me and said, ‘It’s time,’ and let go of the loudest fart I had ever heard. Then she looked at me and called: ‘O my God, how can you ?!’ “(© Twitter / alex0000s)

16. “My parents went to prom together and took this horrible picture of my father making a strange face.”

“Now our parents let us recreate this picture with our dates. We have been doing this consistently since 2013. “

Almost everyone has such anecdotes from everyday family life in store. Normality is relative – especially in the close circle of the family. But if you are honest, such a perfectly harmonious and normal family life would also be pretty boring.

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