16 funny pictures of the unlucky ones

16 funny pictures of the unlucky ones

In a poem by Heinrich Heine it says: “Happiness is an easy whore and does not like to stay in the same place; she strokes your hair from your forehead and kisses you quickly and flutters away. On the contrary, Frau Unfortunat has pressed you dearly to her heart; she says she is in no hurry, sits down next to you on the bed and knits. “

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This poem would be sure to sign the people in the funny pictures below. The corona crisis alone is a great misfortune, but unfortunately further bad luck is not in coming:

1. “No joke, the hair clipper broke in the middle.”

2. “Hundi made a pile. The vacuum and floor mopping robot found it. “

Doggy had an accident. Roomba found it. from r / Wellthatsucks

3. “If you think that buying adult toys on the Internet would not attract attention … It happened to my sister. She allowed me to share this embarrassing incident with the world. “

When you think you’re being discreet buying adult toys online [OC from my sister who allowed me to share her embarrassment with the world] from r / mildlyinfuriating

4. “The printer exploded.”

The printer exploded … from r / Wellthatsucks

5. “You shouldn’t sneeze while handling an eyelash curler.”

Try not to sneeze when using an eyelash curler from r / Wellthatsucks

6. “I installed my microwave myself today, saving EUR 130 on installation costs!”

Apparently my post isn’t appropriate for r / DIY so I’ll share with y’all. I installed my own microwave today and saved $ 150 in install fees! from r / Wellthatsucks

7. “As an April Fool’s joke I wanted to exchange all the cups in the office. But now everyone works from home … “

When your April fools prank is to replace all the mugs in the office, but everyone works from home now … from r / Wellthatsucks

8. “So, how are you getting on with your home improvement?” On the pictures: “Cat passage built in … I hate myself.”

9. “There was a burst pipe on the upper floor.”

A pipe broke upstairs from r / Wellthatsucks

10. “Guess whose patient tested positive for Covid-19? The night shift will therefore not take over from me, so I can continue working for the next 12 hours. “

Guess whose patient has been diagnosed positive and now the night shift doesn’t want to come, so I have 12 more hours ahead from r / Wellthatsucks

11. “First we lost our job because of the corona crisis. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I recently discovered that a tree wrecked our cars. Happy Easter everyone!”

As if Covid-19 and losing jobs wasn’t bad enough, we just lost both cars to a tree. Happy Easter everyone! from r / Wellthatsucks

12. “I wanted to bake a birthday cake for my daughter, but it was just a butt hole.”

Cake hole from r / holesome

13. “Thank you for ruining my breakfast.”

Thanks for ruining my breakfast.

14. These cars crashed today. On a completely empty street.

Both cars crashed into each other today in New Belgrade. from r / europe

15. “I washed my favorite sweater.”

Washed my favorite jumper 🙁 from r / Wellthatsucks

16. “My only computer leaves me in the lurch just as the exit restrictions are imposed and my university puts everything online. And the guarantee only expired last month. “

My only computer dies just when the country goes into lockdown and Uni puts everything online. Also the warranty just expired last month. from r / Wellthatsucks

If you think it couldn’t get worse, something like that happens! Unfortunately, bad luck doesn’t take a break even in times of crisis. But there are really people (and animals) who are magically attracted by misfortune – like the unlucky ones in these funny pictures and stories:

Thumbnails: © Twitter / @ ben_rosen © reddit / u / saranndwyer

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