16 funny pictures of pets in hilarious poses

16 funny pictures of pets in hilarious poses

Humans have lived with cats and dogs for thousands of years. Nevertheless, for a long time it was apparently not enough to really understand their behavior. Time and again people are amazed when they observe the quirks of their favorite four-legged friends.

Fancy some really fun videos? (Scroll down to the article.)

Strange sleeping positions, funny contortions or funny facial expressions – these dogs and cats have a lot in store, as the following sixteen pictures show. One could almost think that these pets have a “malfunction”.

1. “You can see that it is very exhausting.”

It can be seen that he is very tiring from r / aww

2. “A clumsy ninja.”

Clumsy Ninja from r / cats

3. “Shelby became one with the snow and would like to know why we disturbed her nap.”

Shelby has become one with the snow … and would like to know why we disturbed her nap. from r / newjersey

4. “She is exhausted after showering.”

she’s exhausted after showering from r / cats

5. “How my cat sleeps.”

The way my cat sleeps from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

6. “Shiba.exe has stopped working.”

shiba.exe has stopped working from r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog

7. “He sleeps like a Thanksgiving turkey.”

He sleeps like a Thanksgiving Turkey from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. “Is this a remedy for hiccups?”

Cure for the hiccups? from r / WhatsWrongWithYourDog

9. “Whatever he sees is out of this world.”

Whatever he sees, it’s not of this world from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

10. “That guy.”

This guy. from r / WeirdDogs

11. “You see, I fit in there.”

See I fit from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. “They think they are rock stars.”

They think they are rock stars from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

13. “The net is there to hinder the nonsense head while driving. Result: maximum nonsense while driving. “

Net to Prevent Derp While Driving Leads to Max Derp … While Driving! from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

14. “Should I stay seated or get up?”

Should I stay or should I go? from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

15. “Maximum comfort.”

Maximum comfort. from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

16. “Sherman likes to wrinkle his face.”

Sherman is all about the face smushes from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

What would these cute four-legged friends say if they could talk? Surely they would ask their masters why they look so puzzled. If sixteen pictures are not enough for you, you will find links to other funny pet galleries under this paragraph:

Thumbnail: © reddit / u / Reggieives

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