16 funny pictures of cats who don’t want to cuddle

16 funny pictures of cats who don’t want to cuddle

Most people nowadays have a cat because they don’t want to have a talented mouse-catcher as much as a cuddly house tiger. After all, a purring fur pillow on your lap reduces everyday stress and makes a great contribution to the comfort of your home.

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Anyone who knows cats, however, knows that their need for cuddling is not always there and that sometimes they just want to be left alone. The following funny pictures show what happens if you still want to cuddle with them:

1. She probably doesn’t like head massages.

2. “Ahem, no.”

3. “Stop hugging me. I have to call for help. “

Stop hugging me. I’m trying to call help. from r / StopTouchingMe

4. “Cuddling is not an option …”

I guess we’re NOT cuddling … from r / murdermittens

5. “Let. Me. Come on.”

Put. Me. Down. from r / StopTouchingMe

6. “My friend tried to take a selfie with her new kitten.”

My friend tried to take a selfie with her new kitty from r / aww

7. “She has not seen me for a week, but I was greeted with a bite. My cat hates me. “

Haven’t seen me for a week. Greeted with fangs. My cat hates me. from r / cats

8. “I wish a happy Mother’s Day to this person who likes to kiss me – I hate it.”

9. “Valentine’s Day? Not with me!”

10. “Spare me!”

11. “I’ve never seen him mad at anyone!”

Silly boy hated Santa! I’ve never seen him so angry at someone! from r / cats

12. “You can see the claws dig into her face.”

You can see the claws digging into her face: / from r / PerfectTiming

13. “If there’s one thing Buster hates, it’s kisses.”

The one thing Buster hates is being kissed. from r / cats

14. “Man, don’t say anything!”

Human, Shhh! from r / aww

15. “He loves me, I swear it.”

He loves me, I swear from r / StopTouchingMe

16. “Sometimes I wonder if she would have preferred to stay at the shelter.”

Some times I wonder if she would have preferred the shelter life from r / cats

Apparently, some house tigers find it hard work to cuddle with their owner. The poor! Because sixteen cat pictures are not enough for most people, more funny and entertaining cat galleries are linked under this paragraph:

Thumbnails: © reddit / killerbunnyfamily © Instagram / catslave_diary

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