16 fun experiences from everyday life

16 fun experiences from everyday life

Almost every adult grabs his head at least once in their life when they think back to the mischief they did as a child. Or all the things you believed because you didn’t know any better.

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Fortunately, there is some consolation: almost everyone does a lot of stupid things during their childhood, as the following funny pictures and experiences from everyday life show. For better or worse, that’s just part of growing up.

1. “My son is trying to play hide and seek again.”

My sons latest attempt at “hide and seek”. from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

2. “My child swallowed a penny when he wanted to show his little brother how he accidentally swallowed a SIM card needle the day before.”

My kid swallowed a penny while showing his little brother how he accidentally swallowed a simm key the day before. from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

3. “I spent $ 150 on a pool, but my child prefers to sit in a paint bucket.”

150.00 $ on a pool for this kid to rather be on a paint container from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

4. “I told my 6 year old that he was wearing his shoes on the wrong feet. After a while he said: ‘I have no other feet’. “

5. “My 4 year old nephew asked me to draw Harry Potter. Then he exclaimed enthusiastically: ‘I’ll paint the legs!’ “

6. “Yesterday morning my 6-year-old son asked me after the soccer game why the other team was allowed to wear a different colored jersey every week while we always had to wear purple. When I explained to him that we play a different team every week, he was amazed. “

7. “When my son was little, he always wanted his older brother to swing him around in a certain pillowcase. I know this is crazy. I’m only showing you this today because they are adults and I can no longer lose custody. “

8. “I still remember how I got my first dog. I was seven years old and he was one year old, so seven dog years. A year later I cried because I thought that a fourteen-year-old dog would definitely not want to do anything with me. “

9. “My sister took away the Nintendo Switch from her children at night. So the children built a dummy and tried to swap it for the real game console. “

10. “My 2-year-old really wanted to dress up as ‘pants’ for Halloween.”

11. “My 3-year-old calls my nasal spray ‘Mommy’s Special Nasal Medicine’. Now my neighbor thinks I’m coking … “

12. “Today my son painted his whole face with a red pencil. Then he got scared because he thought we were going to get mad at him. To hide his wrongdoing, he has his head wrapped in toilet paper – like a mummy! Then immediately afterwards he ran into a wall and almost passed out from the impact. Every day a mistake parade with this boy. “

13. “My sister recently had a child. She brought it home with her today and my other niece was so angry that she packed up all her stuff and wanted to go. “


14. “I mean … he’s not wrong.” (The piece of paper with the title “Wishes and Needs” says: “I want: vegetables, sweets, bike, water, air, clothing, tablet PC. I need : Hippo.”)

I mean … he’s not wrong. from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

15. “I used to tell everyone that I once met Michael Jackson. Now I have found this photo. Darn it, who was that ?! “

Close one, kiddo from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

16. “Once my uncle put a wig on my cousin and then said it would stick forever.”

Someone’s uncle put a wig on their cousin’s head and told him it was permanent from r / funny

Who, as a little girl or boy, has not made similar nonsense? And if you think that the boy has not found a good hiding place in the first picture, we recommend these wonderful photos of children. Aside from playing hide and seek, children naturally have a lot of other nonsense on their minds.

Sometimes it is not easy for children with their parents either. It is a give and take, as demonstrated by these rascals who are brutally honest or otherwise leave their parents speechless.

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