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16 fathers with creative parenting methods

16 fathers with creative parenting methods

Not so long ago, bringing up children was a woman’s business. Today it is normal for fathers to also look after their offspring. Whether this is always such a good idea is doubtful in view of the following funny pictures.

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Leaving dad completely alone with the child is not very comfortable for many mothers. If you look at these pictures, you can understand that. Some of these fathers risk calling the youth welfare office.

1. A new superhero is born: the omelette man!

2. The paternal seal of approval: Both are cute and fluffy.

3. The foam hairstyle suits her well.

4. Who needs braids?

5. Baby backup, made by dad.

6. Daily training and kids fun in one go.

7. The staff stands in line.

8. Swing drive, patent: Papa.

9. Sohnemann is ready for the joyride with the Harley.

10. Every happy laugh must be preserved immediately.

11. You grow up so fast …

12. Fatherly care: It is no different in the animal kingdom.

13. This dad got the tip that coconut oil is good for making curls easy to comb. He just wasn’t told how much of it to use.

14. Do you want the children to stay in bed? No problem!

15. Dad needs a break.

When Daddy Is Left Alone With The Baby from r / funny

16. Someone else claims that men cannot multitask.

True dedication. Playing double dash, feeding the baby, and still managed 1st place. I give you my brother. from r / gaming

The mothers of these children will certainly leave their offspring alone with their dad again. It’s just too much fun to watch how men imagine parenting to work.

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