16 cute pictures of sleeping animals

16 cute pictures of sleeping animals

The older people get, the less sleep they sleep. From an average of fifteen hours in infancy, the need for sleep decreases continuously over the years to around seven hours in adulthood.

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It looks different with animals. For example, even adult dogs sleep up to seventeen hours a day. So it’s no surprise that it isn’t particularly difficult to find pictures of sleeping four-legged friends like the following. These golden balls of fur have also been overwhelmed by their tiredness in the funniest positions:

1. You can make yourself comfortable anywhere.

Precious sleeping baby from r / aww

2. “The power of a sleeping bag.”

The power of a sleeping bag from r / aww

3. It couldn’t be cuter!

Sleeping Train from r / aww

4. Tired, tired, sleepy, asleep …

5. Sleep, pooch, sleep.

6. “A nap with mom.”

7. Did it count sheep before going to sleep?

8. “Look how she smiles in her sleep.”

Look at how she smiles when sleeping from r / aww

9. “Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with her toy frog, which she was given 14 years ago.”

Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years from r / aww

10. “The perfect place to sleep by the window.”

Perfect sleeping spot in the window from r / aww

11. “Cuddle my kitten and my rat.”

My kitty and rat snuggling from r / aww

12. “I’m just sleeping, don’t worry.”

I’m just sleeping, don’t worry 🙂 from r / aww

13. She laid a puppy.

Chicken hatches a puppy

14. “It is very important to her to protect her ducklings.”

She is very protective of her ducklings.

15. “Don’t touch my pizza!”

16. “This picture gives a good idea of ​​how harsh the winter in Southern California is.”

Simply sweet! These cats are also dog tired in strange sleeping positions. But not only cats or these furry noses slumber in strange positions, the following children can sleep anywhere as well.

Thumbnails: © reddit / u / Luciphyr729 © reddit / u / Handicapreader

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