16 cute pictures of animals that look very human

16 cute pictures of animals that look very human

Like humans, animals sometimes show their dumb side. It is amazing how much they resemble their two-legged owners. In fact, many animals, like dogs, seem to imitate human behavior – a result of having lived together for thousands of years.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to see the cute pictures.)

But not only fur noses sometimes behave too humanly. Cats, chickens or rabbits also do this, as the following cute pictures show. At least one or the other will certainly recognize themselves in it. Have fun!

1. Always wash nice and clean.

Cute boy.

2. When you don’t know where to put your hands.

Blue-Footed Booby

3. “Dogs don’t get a good poker face.”

dogs have terrible poker faces

4. A pacifier for pussies.

Kitten with her Pacifier

5. “Every time he does something he is not allowed to do and is caught doing it (this time it was sleeping in bed), he puts on that sly smile.”

Every time he does something he’s not supposed to and gets caught (this time it was getting up in the bed) .. he gets this sly squinty eyed smile😂 from r / FunnyAnimals

6. The only thing missing is the hand brush.

7. “A serious request: whether I should not put the pillow under the blanket because she wants to sit on this spot.”

A sincere request to remove the pillow from under the blanket located where she now must sit. from r / AnimalsBeingDerps

8. Two found each other.

Nice hug … from r / AnimalsBeingBros

9. Bätsch!

10. A heart for you!

11. When you take off your hat in winter.

When you take off your hat in the winter from r / aww

12. “We just told her to look for Easter eggs.”

13. When mom bakes a cake …

a tiny arsenal of cuteness for a rough day

14. What have they eaten up?

Must be something …

15. “You sleep like this every day.”

16. “He loves his new sister.”

He loves his new sister from r / aww

What cute rascals! Our beloved four-legged friends are more like us in many ways than we think. The following cute pictures leave no doubt about that:

Thumbnails: © Imgur / Excaliburlegend © Imgur / Snax007

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