16 curious image comparisons

16 curious image comparisons

If you put a frog in a pot of hot water, it will jump out immediately. However, if you put it in cold water that is slowly heated, you will get frog soup after a while – although this well-known legend has nothing to do with the behavior of real frogs, it is very instructive.

Here are emotional stories that really inspire you. (Scroll down to the article.)

One can say that a strong contrast, the direct comparison, illustrates many interesting connections that are otherwise not particularly noticeable. This is also proven by the following sixteen pictures, which contain many curious comparisons. Whether it’s a big city by night and by day, old friends in their youth or a very large fish shortly after its birth and fully grown – you will definitely not forget some of these image comparisons!

1. “I’m pretty sure no one has changed my baby at birth. Left: three weeks before the birth. Right: three weeks later. “

Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside. from r / pics

2. “Barcelona by night and by day.”

3. “Only half a Nintendo Switch Lite game console fits into women’s trouser pockets, while men’s pockets fit a whole.”

Women’s pockets can fit less then half of a Switch lite, whereas men’s pockets can fit a whole Switch. from r / mildlyinfuriating

4. “After nine years I’m finally getting rid of my braces! I couldn’t stop smiling. “

After 9 years of work, I finally got my braces off! I couldn’t stop smiling from r / happy

5. “My daughter and my kitten lost their baby teeth on the same day.”

My daughter and my kitten lost their baby tooth in the same day. from r / mildlyinteresting

7. “71 years later and she still has that smile.”

71 years later. Still has that smile. from r / pics

7. “My grandpa and his friend who was born just two hours after him in the house across the street. The black and white picture was taken around 1942/43. A few years ago they both turned 93 years old. In the picture on the right they have swapped places. “

My grandpa and his friend who was born across the street from him 2 hours after him. Navy picture around 1942/43 and when they turned 93 a couple of years ago. They swapped places in the second one. from r / OldSchoolCool

8. “Left: three months old. Right: six months old. Maine Coon cats grow very quickly. “

3months vs 6 months, Maine coons grow super fast from r / interestingasfuck

9. “The Impact of Worsening Alzheimer’s Disease on My Mother’s Crochet.”

The Progression of Alzheimer’s Through My Mom’s Crocheting from r / pics

10. “The oldest still used door in Rome in the Pantheon completed by Emperor Hadrian. It was cast in bronze and dates from the year 115 AD “

The oldest door still in use in Rome. Cast in bronze for emperor Hadrian ‘rebuilding, they date from about 115 AD from r / europe

11. “Sunfish: one of the heaviest bony fish in the world, fully grown and shortly after birth.”

12. “The fossil of a turtle about the size of a car that lived in South America.”

Fossils found of car-sized turtles that once roamed South America from r / pics

13. “Five generations. My daughter was born the same year my great-grandmother turned 100. “

Five generations. My daughter was born the same year my Great Grandma turned 100. from r / pics

14. “My father and I, we are 38 years apart.”

My dad and I 38 years apart, thought i should post it here from r / pics

15. “My ankle two days before delivery (left) and two days after delivery (right).”

My ankle two days before giving birth (left) and my ankle two days after giving birth (right) from r / mildlyinteresting

16. “Same street, first winter day and first summer day in Canada.”

Same street, first day of winter vs first day of summer. Canada. from r / pics

Really remarkable! These contrasts offer a different view of the world! If you are interested in similar galleries, you will surely find it under this paragraph:

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