16 crazy pictures of shadows

16 crazy pictures of shadows

Shadows can create fantastic illusions in the most unlikely places that can be taken aback at first. For example, when a cat casts the shadow of a giant rat or the silhouette of a man seems to develop a life of its own.

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Shadows can be really magical and create optical illusions. These images of wonderful illusions often require the viewer to take a second look.

1. “The shadow has evidently acquired its own consciousness.”

I’m sure this shadow became self-aware from r / pics

2. “This Einstein poster casts a dark shadow.”

I found this shadow NPC. I’m afraid to talk to him. from r / BossfightUniverse

3. “A straight cable, the shadow of which shows a loop.”

Untangled wire, looped shadow from r / mildlyinteresting

4. “Deep down, Timmy is actually a huge rat.”

Deep down, Timmy has the spirit of a giant rat. from r / pics

5. “Great shadow effect that I saw this morning.”

Cool sticker shadow effect I saw this morning. from r / mildlyinteresting

6. “A ‘happy’ shadow.”

Cheerful shadow from r / funny

7. “Even if your life isn’t going that way right now, you can at least keep up appearances.”

When your life is a mess but you can still keep up appearances from r / pics

8. “Discovered Sauron’s Eye during a wine tasting.”

Found the Eye of Sauron while wine tasting. from r / pics

9. “The shadow of my plane created a rainbow ring.”

The shadow of my plane formed a rainbow around it

10. “That truck shadow says ‘Hi’.”

This trucks shadow says “Hi” from r / mildlyinteresting

11. “I owe the tights to the shadow of the table.”

These fishnet stockings made from the table’s shadow from r / mildlyinteresting

12. “Thanks to the shadow, the staircase looks as if it were infinite.”

Shadow gives impression of infinite staircase from r / mildlyinteresting

13. “The shadow of a spider in the pool.”

This spiders reflection in a pool from r / mildlyinteresting

14. “Leaf shade from a tree during a solar eclipse.”

Shadows of leaves from a tree during a solar eclipse from r / pics

15. “The shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington State.”

Mt Rainier Shadow

16. “The sun has melted everything, just not the snow in the silhouette of the bicycles.”

The sun melted the snow everywhere except where the bikes’ shadows were. from r / mildlyinteresting

Amazing how the random interplay of light and shadow creates wonderful illusions. Fortunately, in the examples above, someone always had a camera on hand to capture the optical illusions.

You can find more exciting pictures of optical illusions and illusions here:

Thumbnail: © Imgur via Reddit / migraine_boy

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