16 couple situations that almost everyone knows

16 couple situations that almost everyone knows

Every couple is unique. Even so, quite a few people have similar experiences in relationships. The comic artist Mary Park, who lives in California (USA), processes the relationships of many couples in a funny and entertaining way on her Instagram account “murrzstudio”, with which she has already won over 800,000 subscribers.

Exciting insights into your life and your mind. (Scroll down to the article.)

Whether love is still fresh or the day-to-day relationship has already taken hold – many couples can certainly identify with the following 16 drawings:

1. She: “Pups, hehehe.” He: “… die, you mean woman!”

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2. “Look … take a look at my ‘Food Baby’ (in German: my bloated stomach)!”

3. “Find someone who is as crazy as you.”

4. He: “Have you squeezed a pimple again?” Her: “No.”

5. You: “Leave me alone today!” He: “Why? What’s wrong with you? “She:” A lot! “

6. “Ah, after work! Finally taking off the uncomfortable clothes. And … kindly put my things in the laundry basket. “

7. Her: “Should I learn how to play Overwatch and then play with you?” He: “Um, well …”

8. You: “I am a strong, independent woman! I don’t need a man to give me a hand! … … My hands! “He:” … you could have just asked me for help … “

9. He: “Honey, I’m being honest now. You look a little wrinkled today. ”She:“ What, just because I didn’t put on make-up? Am I not beautiful without make-up? Am I not beautiful enough for the world ?! “He:” No … you are beautiful, but these are pretty impressive. “She:” … I didn’t have clean bras anymore … Stop staring at them . “

10. He: “* Squeeze, squeeze … Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze …” You: “Stop that!”

11. Headline: “How to get him in the mood.” Come here”. Me: “* grunt, * sniff.”

12. He: “Do you do sports?” She: “Yes, I hardly moved today. I feel fat. “

13. “When you’re too lazy to shave and your friend finds your unshaven legs repulsive.”

14. She: “Honey, if I weighed more, you would still love me, wouldn’t you?” He: “Sure, you would be my strong queen.” She: “What if I had a hairstyle like that? Would you still love me? “He:” Yes … We could just get you a wig … “She:” What if I lost my teeth? Would you still love me then And if … “He:” YES! I would still love you! My goodness, leave this ‘and if’ game! “

15. “Love is texting and pawing.”

16. He: “Where have my things gone?” She: (has his hat, his underwear, his socks, his slippers, his sweater).

Which couple doesn’t know that? You are close, get to know each other’s weaknesses and sometimes get on each other’s nerves – and still love each other more than anything else.

Many can certainly identify with these pictures, which show what couples do behind closed doors. The following 20 scenes that people in long-term relationships know are also quite normal.

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