16 before and after pictures of people with new teeth

16 before and after pictures of people with new teeth

The Brazilian dentist Felipe Rossi is a real role model. He founded the non-governmental organization “Por1sorriso” (in German: for a smile) and travels the world to give poor people their smiles back by treating their teeth for free.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

On the two Instagram accounts “por1sorriso” and “drfeliperossi”, pictures of the people are regularly published. Rossi got new teeth as the following 16 pictures show:

1. Tears of joy that everyone understands.

2. It’s better to smile like this!

3. Fully happy.

4. A difference like day and night.

5. His smile has returned.

6. With a cap and new teeth.

7. The world looks very different with new teeth.

8. And the gap is gone.

9. Return to normal.

10. Even in old age you have the right to a smile.

11. Finally eat something solid again.

12. Now a new life begins for her.

13. Your lipstick is just the icing on the cake.

14. A look at the new face.

15. A new smile, priceless.

16. How reborn!

These pictures are a wonderful example of the beautiful things in the world. How good that there are people like Felipe Rossi who use their skills for the poor and the weaker.

Also beautiful are these twelve before and after pictures of people who have successfully overcome their drug addiction. The following thirteen women show what can happen if you stick to your diet.

Unfortunately, there are not only changes for the better, as these unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries prove. Some people go very far and have operations dozens of times.

Thumbnail: © Instagram / drfeliperossi

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