15 women tell their most embarrassing period stories

15 women tell their most embarrassing period stories

No one can predict when a girl will have her first menstrual period, also known as menarche. It usually occurs between the ages of ten and sixteen, but sometimes earlier or later. Hence all girls are more or less taken by surprise with their first period; many find themselves in an uncomfortable situation.

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But women who got off lightly for the first time and who have been living with their period for a longer time have had one or the other embarrassing experience, as the following examples show. The US media portal Buzzfeed asked his readers about their most embarrassing period experience. The following is a selection of fifteen stories from the users:

1. “It happened at a pool party. I was there with a guy I had been going out with for a month. His nephew was celebrating his birthday, which is why I first met his relatives. After a swim in the pool, I changed my tampon in the bathroom, we chatted a little longer and were about to leave when the hostess’s dog dragged something. All guests could see him! To my horror it was my bloody tampon! I basically had to pry the tampon out of the dog’s mouth – in front of him and his whole family! “(shysunflower30)

2. “I had my very first period during my birthday party. I had just turned 12 and was wondering why my underwear was partly brown. At first I thought I pissed. Then I put on fresh underwear and I’m back to the party. An hour later it was running again, exactly when I was standing in front of the first boy I was really in love with. “(hugsnotdrugs)

3. “When I was twelve years old, I got my first rule right at the end of school, just before the buses left. I barely had enough time to walk to the girls’ bathroom to stuff thin toilet paper into my underwear, which tore into small pieces as I drove. What a real mess, even though I sat quietly. It wasn’t hell on earth, but it was very stressful not to miss the bus and struggle with menstruation. “

4th “I got my rule once in Los Angeles airport, just before I had to sit for eleven hours on a plane – I was wearing white jeans. Thank goodness there were sanitary towels in the airport toilet. “(lenavanleeuwen)

5. “A few years ago, my bleeding did not stop even after three weeks, which is why I realized that I should see my doctor. She had to examine me, but no sooner had she touched me lightly than a clot of blood shot out of my vagina. It was the size of an egg and rolled across the room. It was terrible. She responded very professionally, but I was so ashamed that I changed doctor afterwards. “(HGgirlonfire)

6th “First rule: Christmas Eve, thirteen years old. My grandma told the whole family. My uncles talked to me about what it was like to “become a woman.” My younger cousins ​​got the idea to hit me on the stomach. They wanted to know if it really hurts as much as other girls say. It did. “(adeledouglas)

7th “Once at work I had the rule. I wore leggings and a long t-shirt. I had to sneeze and somehow blood got on my leggings, t-shirt and shoes. I didn’t even sit anywhere, I stood. I had to go home to change my things. I cried on the way home. Thank you, hormones! “(tremblaydayna)

8th. “I was in 6th grade and had just finished chemistry class. We had to work together in groups. Then I suddenly got cramps and knew I was on my period. I got up, looked at my chair and saw a small pool of blood. My heart was beating wildly. Fortunately, I wore dark brown pants that day. I pushed my chair under the table and didn’t know what to do with the blood. I told the teacher about my problem. He sent me to the school nurse. I should call my mom in her office. Once there, I was so scared because I didn’t know what to do with the blood on my stool. It wasn’t long before my mother brought me new pants. After that I went back to class, but everyone was playing outside. My teacher said that he had finished class early so that the caretaker could clean my chair. That way nobody would notice. “(Elizabetheve)

9. “I was teaching in one of the higher grades when I unexpectedly got my period. I was wearing white jeans. A teacher was there to evaluate me. Then I had to ask the school management if I could go home to change. Not the best moment. “(carosad)

10. “I once had my bleeding in my sleep when I was staying at my boyfriend’s home. We woke up in a pool of blood, the bedding was ruined and the mattress was stained. I’m sunk in the ground, but my friend was really kind and understanding. He helped me clean everything up. We are now a married couple. “(suspiciouscake)

11. “My boyfriend gave me oral pleasure. When we finished we got dressed to go to the club. That was great fun. On the way I suddenly felt “liquid” and asked if we could stop for a moment at a supermarket. Then he said, “I thought so.” It turned out that he had got blood in his mouth, but was too nice to stop. I keep thinking about that. Embarrassing feeling. “(d4b7d1a273)

12. “I was eleven years old and on vacation with my father. We visited Disney World. It got me completely unexpected. We stayed at a nearby hotel where I was listening to a Disney radio station in the evening and fell asleep. I woke up to the song “Under the Sea” and immediately noticed a bright red stain on my new superhero pajamas. How embarrassing it was as a young girl to drive through Orlando (a city completely unknown to me) with her father who tried to find a sanitary napkin in the middle of the night. “Brak)

13. “I had a one night stand and while we were having fun I had my period earlier than usual. There was blood everywhere, on the bedding, on the pillows. Looked like someone had committed a murder. “(giuliettadec)

14th “Went to the teacher’s desk during an English lesson to hand in a term paper. Then I had my rule. A girl in the front row audibly whispered to me that there was blood on the back of my gray sweatpants. I couldn’t change, so I sat all day and pulled my t-shirt down as far as possible. “(catherinem455199914)

15th “We went on a school trip into nature. I got the rule while on a canoe trip. Everything messed up, my borrowed pants and my swimsuit. Had to wrap a sweatshirt around my waist for the rest of the day. “(kathbowk89)

How uncomfortable what the readers of Buzzfeed have experienced! Are these fifteen stars just as embarrassed by their prom photo? In any case, they are not quite as bad as some family photos that make others feel ashamed. But many other Internet users didn’t exactly splatter themselves with fame when they Googled those twenty-two embarrassing questions.

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