15 upcycling ideas for old kitchen utensils

15 upcycling ideas for old kitchen utensils

In every household there are tons of objects that are hoarded in basements, garages or attics and are just waiting to be sold at the next flea market or to be disposed of straight away.

Total upcycling: Here, waste becomes ideas. (Scroll down to the article.)

Old kitchen utensils such as rolling pins, cutlery or grandma’s coffee service are no exception and are particularly often stored unused in boxes or cupboards. But you shouldn’t throw these utensils away, because they can be used to make many individual pieces. From clocks to decorative candlesticks to jewelry: most upcycling ideas are easy to implement.

15 of the most beautiful are compiled for you in this article:

1.) Etagere

Two old bowls and a rolling pin become a creative cake stand that you can use for fruit or simply as a decoration.

2.) Cloakroom

With the right tool, cutlery can be easily bent and turned into hooks. You only need to invest a little effort and time and you have an individual and beautiful wardrobe.

3.) Door handles

But cutlery is also very suitable for turning it into particularly individual door handles. After all, who can claim to have spoons not in but on the cupboards?

4.) Tablet holder

You shouldn’t throw away old cutting boards; you should transform them into a holder for your tablet. All you need is two scraps of wood and some wood glue to create this unique piece.

5.) Bangle

Not only hooks can be made from bent cutlery, but also bracelets with a little skill. This is how spoons and forks become unusual pieces of jewelry.

6.) Bird feeder

If you’ve been wondering what else you can do with an old teapot, here’s a great idea. Just turn them into a bird feeder!

7.) Candlesticks

Funnels can also be used for other purposes, namely as a candlestick. You don’t need much for that and they bring a special flair to your apartment.

8 o’clock

With a little imagination, an old pan can be turned into a kitchen clock. You can also use an old baking pan or a pasta strainer for this.

9.) lampshades

A crazy lampshade is made from an old grater. Alternatively, you can also use an old pasta sieve, spoon or whisk. The umbrella not only looks fantastic, it is absolutely extraordinary and is sure to be a topic of conversation with your friends.

10.) Towel holder

Every hobby baker surely has an old rolling pin lying around in the cupboard that he or she no longer uses. So that it doesn’t take up any more space, you can simply turn it into a stylish towel holder that you can attach to the side of your kitchen cabinet.

11.) Hook

Even old lids are given a new task: You can use them as decorative hooks for aprons and towels in the kitchen.

12.) Prescription holder

Recipes, notes or just photos can be attached to old, disused potato mashers or meat beaters. This makes them a unique decorative element.

13.) Storage

Funnels are not only effective candlesticks, they can also be used to store various small parts in the kitchen or garage. They are particularly useful as a dispenser for twine, among other things

14.) Cake platter

Wine glasses and plates can become a one-of-a-kind cake platter that will make your kitchen look like a bakery. The plate is both functional and nostalgically beautiful.

15.) Pincushion

This idea is particularly practical for anyone who likes to sew. Use fabric to transform a small coffee cup into a cute pincushion. It is also a great gift for other sewing enthusiasts.

Pretty much everyone has one or the other kitchen utensil that you cannot part with, even though it is old and often even broken. Thanks to these creative upcycling ideas, you can now breathe new life into it and make it a very special decorative element. In addition, it not only saves money, but also gives it an individual charm.

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