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15 upcycling ideas for old cake tins and baking trays

15 upcycling ideas for old cake tins and baking trays

After years of use, even baking utensils reach their limits and have to be replaced. But just because you can’t use them in the kitchen doesn’t mean your old cake tins and baking trays belong in the trash.

Total upcycling: Here, waste becomes ideas. (Scroll down to the article.)

Here are 15 great upcycling ideas that will transform your old baking pans into something new and functional:

1. Hanging shelf

A disused cake pan can be turned into an extraordinary hanging shelf in no time at all. To do this, remove the bottom, add some shelves, and attach it to the wall. It is a real eye-catcher!

2. Serving tray

In the course of everyday use, baking trays can become brown and unsightly despite thorough cleaning. Instead of throwing them in the trash immediately, use them for great upcycling ideas, because they are also ideal as a serving tray. To do this, glue, for example, mosaic stones to the sheet metal, decorate it with paint or cover it with gold foil. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity.

3. Feeding station for birds

An old bundt pan is perfect for turning it into a decorative feeding station for birds. To do this, hang them on strings or chains in your garden. To protect the feed from rain, a lid can also be attached a little above the cord.

4. Coasters

Water stains from glasses on the table look unsightly. To protect the wood from moisture, make coasters out of small tartlet shapes. Cover their inside with fabric or cork and make them an individual eye-catcher. Another advantage of the molds as coasters is that your drink is more secure and cannot be knocked over so easily.

5. Magnetic board

Give your old baking sheet a new task and turn it into a practical magnetic board. Paint it with magnetic paint and you can attach notes or even spice jars, which you have previously provided with a magnet, to it. Not only does it look cool, it also saves important storage space in the kitchen.

6. Planter

Ceramic cake tins are suitable as planters because they are waterproof and decorative. Whether single or multi-level – they are a beautiful decoration and give the room a special flair. Because of their durability, you can even use them in the garden.

7. Shoe tray

Shoe tubs are a practical storage place for shoes and protect the floor from dirt and moisture. Thanks to this upcycling idea, you can make your own drip tray for shoes from an old baking sheet and small stones or colored shards. So you have a clean hallway even on the heaviest rainy days.

8. Centerpiece

With a little metallic paint, a candle, glue and ribbon, two springforms can be transformed into a beautiful, autumn table decoration. Of course, you can also design your centerpiece to match the season and your preferences.

9. Wall clock

All you need for this creative idea is an old baking pan, some paint, a clockwork with pointers and you have an individual kitchen clock. Your guests will be amazed!

10. Picture frames

You can also turn old cake pans into unconventional works of art by using them as picture frames for your loved one’s photos. Either spray them in a color of your choice or leave them as they are and stick the photo in the center. A very special photo frame is created with a suspension.

11. Chalkboard

Blackboards are a great and at the same time practical decoration in the home. An old baking pan and blackboard lacquer can be turned into a decorative chalk board with space for notes or the shopping list in no time at all.

12. Wall decoration

You would certainly not have thought of using discarded bundt cake or baking tins as wall decorations. But thanks to their cool designs and with a little color, they become a real eye-catcher on the wall.

13. Table decoration

Disused baking molds are not only suitable as wall decorations, but also as unique table decorations. They look good and at the same time bring order to the table. If you want, you can also add small wooden feet, as in this example.

14. Stepping stone with hiding place

Anyone who has ever locked themselves out knows how frustrating it can be, especially when you’re in a hurry. This will never happen to you again with this stepping stone made from an old cake pan. Fill the mold with small colored shards or marbles, pour it with liquid concrete and put a sealable pill jar in it. Now everything has to dry for about 36 hours before you can remove the cake tin. Thanks to the secret hiding place, you will never have the problem of being locked out again.

15. Lampshade

Baking molds cannot be affected by heat, which is why they are also suitable as lampshades. Detach the bases from the molds, connect them with wire brackets and spray them in the color of your choice. As simple as it is ingenious!

So if you have one or the other old baking pan in the closet, these 15 upcycling ideas will give you suggestions on how to reuse them and give them a new task.

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