15 ugly celebrity statues

15 ugly celebrity statues

Famous people don’t have it easy – no matter how many hours they invest in their appearance or simply outshine everything that has ever existed through their achievements in art or sport. How they see the public, they have only limited control. This goes so far that artists create statues and wax figures of them that don’t even look remotely similar to them. As you can see in the following picture gallery, in the case of Michael Jackson there was not just one, but three particularly unsuccessful attempts.

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1. Julia Roberts

What do most people think of first when they hear the name “Julia Roberts”? The wax figure of hers definitely makes a big secret of it.

2. Kate Moss

Such a work of art always shows a lot of the artist himself or his wishes and not just the person he depicts … In the case of the Kate Moss statue, the artist seems to have just discovered his passion for yoga or particularly flexible women.


3. Pope Benedict

You can stand by the Catholic Church however you want. But do you have to do this with Pope Benedict XVI. portray like “oppa” who has not yet got used to his third party?

4. Marilyn Monroe

Ouch! Where do you start here? Yes, the hair is right and you can also recognize the wearer of the dress. But who put the baby-born head on the wax figure of Marilyn Monroe?

5. Jeff Goldblum

Mucho Macho: Does the artist of this statue know that Jeff Goldblum is still alive? He certainly didn’t ask him beforehand if he could depict him like this.

6. Michael Jackson I

Just because you’re the “King of Pop” and one of the most famous people in the world doesn’t mean that you get a statue that looks like you. Point.

We love you Michael

7. Michael Jackson II

Incidentally, the chance of a true-to-original reproduction does not increase if a well-known artist such as Jeff Koons takes on the commission.

8. Michael Jackson III

You know who is meant. But that’s not because of the face, but because of the hairstyle and accessories.

9. Kurt Cobain

It is understandable that the statue of the grunge icon Kurt Cobain is crying – fans will feel the same way …

New Cobain statue in Aberdeen

10. Maradona

Athletes, especially soccer players, can sing a song about being “honored” with ugly statues. For example, Diego Maradona as “Scooby Doo’s close friend who got a giant ice cream sundae”.

New statue of football legend Diego Maradona… .. Looks nothing like him from r / sports

11. Ronaldo

An unsympathetic bouncer with an inferiority complex. Maybe it’s not that far from the truth, but does that mean you have to show Ronaldo that way?

Madeira - Funchal - Ronaldo statue

12. Messi

And that’s what the artist thought: “You don’t always have to show sporting heroes at the moment of their triumph!”

Lionel Messi bronze statue on the Street Of Heroes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

13. Jesus in Korea

“Jesus meets Atlas” or: “Hulk did that in a previous life.”

Don’t mess with Korean Jesus

14. Elvis

As a celebrity, you should also be prepared for the fact that someone will come up with the crazy idea of ​​portraying you as a peanut.

Elvis Peanut

15. Beatles

Speaking of big and ugly. The Beatles statues in Texas are less impressive because of their appearance than because of their practical properties. When it is very sunny, they are perfect shade providers for larger tourist groups.

Beatles statues

If you have looked at all the celebrity statues that have crashed, it seems all the more astonishing that there are statutes at all that are not complete disasters. But there are a few, the successful images that not only scream “I am ugly”, but capture what the original is all about.

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