15 things that today’s youth no longer knows

15 things that today’s youth no longer knows

The technical advances that have taken place over the last 30 years are enormous. Smartphones, streaming services, social media: all the things that are a matter of course for today’s youth were unthinkable years ago.

At the same time, things that the generations before grew up with have an effect on young vegetables today, almost ripe for a museum – if it is even recognized what one is looking at:

1. “My 11-year-old asked me in the taxi yesterday what that thing was on the door.”

2. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, children don’t even know what it’s like to have to wait a week for photos to be developed.

3. “I’m officially old … A child saw the floppy disk and said: ‘You have a 3D print of the to save-Symbol made! ‘”

4. An inattentive moment and the home video of Conny’s confirmation party is forever covered with a ‘Wetten, dass …’ episode.

5. Texting was a sweaty high-performance sport for all fingers!

6. “I asked my nephew if he knew about this device. He thought it was a printer. “

7. “My children found a cassette in the river bed and wanted to know whether it was from the war.”

8. When you had to print out the directions.

9. “A 5 year old wanted to know what that blue thing was. I explained it was a portable radio. So he wanted to know what a portable radio does. “

10. How much stress it was back then to find that one particular album.

11. “My brother was angry because the ‘charging station’ for the iPhone in the car didn’t work and his cell phone was scratched.”

12. Unlimited data volume? No, rather, ‘No place for new messages.’

13. All that effort just to play a round of solitaire.

14. One wrong click and you had this salad!

15. “My daughter asked me why they said ‘hang up the phone’ and now I feel old.”

You really feel old after looking at this gallery! But today’s youngsters will probably feel the same way later when they have to explain to their children that 30 years ago you had to drive a car yourself …

Even more nostalgia arises with these pictures, which only children of the 90s know.

Thumbnail: © Twitter / Marc Sebens

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