15 things that look like something completely different

15 things that look like something completely different

When we see, the retina of the eye picks up light waves that have been reflected back from the objects in our field of vision. What was then recorded by the visual apparatus, however, still has to be processed by the brain. This in turn has learned through memory and experience to relate and assign similar objects to one another.

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But it also sometimes falls victim to fallacies – as with these 15 things that look like completely different things.

1. The tree is just leaving the field.

This Tree Looks Like a Man Waiting to Cross the Road from r / mildlyinteresting

2. A pumpkin that looks like a watermelon that looks like an apple.

Pumpkin Looks Like a Watermelon Shaped Like an Apple from r / mildlyinteresting

3. A world map made from cola.

The arrangement of these bubbles looks like Europe and Asia from r / oddly satisfying

4. This happens when a drop of oil falls into water.

5. Ice turns into an ocean in the light of street lamps.

The snow / ice in this pic looks like the ocean from r / mildlyinteresting

6. No cassette collection, but buses on the street.

Busses carrying pilgrims in Mecca looks like cassette tapes from r / pics

7. A frozen puddle that looks like a bird’s-eye view of landscape.

The way this picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane. from r / mildlyinteresting

8. “My amputated leg looks like a bum!”

My amputated leg looks like a butt from r / mildlyinteresting

9. Flamingos don’t hatch from eggs after all.

My mom found a flamingo in her bell pepper. from r / mildlyinteresting

10. A stone that looks like a lizard’s head.

This rock looks like a iguana head. from r / mildlyinteresting

11. Guardian of the dragons.

Fallen down tree in Port Elliot looks like a Dragon!?! from r / mildlyinteresting

12. A UFO landed on the stadium!

13. As soon as it rains, the billboard starts to sweat.

The morning rain makes it seem as though the guy in this ad is sweating profusely. from r / mildlyinteresting

14. Fireworks that catapult you straight into the Milky Way.

This picture that I took mid firework show looks a lot like space from r / mildlyinteresting

15. When a lunar landscape hides behind the last sip of coffee.

My finished cup of coffee looks like the moon from r / mildlyinteresting

It’s that easy to recognize things that are actually something completely different. So what’s the moral of the story? You can’t always trust your eyes one hundred percent!

Thumbnail:© Reddit / WhovianSushi

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