15 pictures of selfish parents

15 pictures of selfish parents

Being a parent is a tough job, the sleep deprivation that comes with the first few months is hard to bear, and parents deserve all the indulgence in the world. But the selfish parents in the following pictures just make you shake your head.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to Parent Fails.)

Sometimes you just keep your mouth open when you see how some people misbehave – and when these people also have children with them, “rude” quickly becomes “unbearable”. After all, the offspring give everything to keep us on our toes.

In any case, a whole new generation of horror is growing up here.

1. In the waiting room at the dentist. Why go to the trash too?

These parents in dentist waiting room are letting their kids tear up the magazines. from r / mildlyinfuriating

2. Somebody small bit into the yogurt pot. Then it was simply put back on the shelf.

Someone’s kid bit into my yogurt container and the parent put it back on the shelf. Then I bought it and had to go back to the store to buy a new one. from r / mildlyinfuriating

3. “I prepared the tutoring and the child didn’t show up. The parents didn’t even call. That’s why I got up at 7 am during the holidays. “

Had my tutoring area all set up, and the kid didn’t show! The parents didn’t even call. I got up at 7:00 in the summer for this! 😡 from r / mildlyinfuriating

4. Maybe not fooling around on the veterans memorial when a veteran is rolled by.

5. “You let the child play with their iPad at full volume for the entire night flight. Without headphones. “

This mom allowing her child to listen to his iPad full volume without headphones for the entire flight. from r / mildlyinfuriating

6. “We provide rental cars while we repair cars. This one just came back … “

Dealership I work at gives out loaner vehicles while we get theirs repaired. One we just got back. from r / trashy

7. The parents who let their child take the balloon to the cinema.

This little kid’s balloon in the theater from r / mildlyinfuriating

8. “Putting used diapers in children’s shoes in department stores seems to be a new fashion.”

9. People sitting behind me? Anyway, the main thing is that I have everything on video!

I love watching my kid through an iPad from r / mildlyinfuriating

10. A mother and her two children refused to clear the gaming table for others. They didn’t even look up from their cell phones.

A mom and two older kids refused to leave the kids play table so kids could play. They didn’t even look up from their phones. from r / mildlyinfuriating

11. Leave full diapers everywhere? Always beautiful.

And the asshole of the day award goes to the parent who left two LOADED diapers nestled in the rocks along the Barton Springs spillway only about 20 feet from a trash bin. from r / Austin

12. Wrap the baby on the clothes in the shop and then react indignantly when someone takes a picture …

“Taking a picture of me ???” – Woman changing her baby’s dirty diaper on top of an Old Navy clothing display from r / trashy

13. You just left your baby outside.

Leaving your baby in the middle of the entrance (the parents were nowhere to be seen ..) from r / trashy

14. And again: the good old surprise diaper. Thank you very much!

remember everyone, the world is your trash can !! (bonus: the mom who did this saw me scoff and take a picture) from r / trashy

15. This mom kills two birds with one stone: she ignores her own child in dance class while staring at her cell phone and blocks everyone else’s view.

Let me look at my phone while I block all the other parents from seeing their kids dance. from r / mildlyinfuriating

That’s for milking a mouse. If one day these bundles of joy have become obnoxious adults, then you will at least know where they picked it up. Even the parents in these pictures are not setting a good example:

Thumbnails: © Reddit / maddbee2222 © Imgur via Reddit / Illdrawyourface

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