15 pictures of rare body features

15 pictures of rare body features

Every human is unique. Unfortunately, it has become a widespread trend to use filters and Photoshop to remove any supposed flaws from your photos. It is precisely these extraordinary body characteristics and anomalies that make us something very special.

Every body has its rough edges. The people in the following pictures show that you should never be ashamed of your physical characteristics.

1. “My wife has just given birth to our first child and my son and I have the same biological abnormality: a particularly large gap between our first and second toes.”

My wife just gave birth to our firstborn, and me and my son both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra large space between our first and second toes from r / mildlyinteresting

2. “My right ring finger becomes colorless and numb when it’s cold outside. I live in freezing cold Canada. “

My right hand’s ring finger becomes colorless and numb when it’s cold outside. I’m living in icy Canada … ☹️ from r / mildlyinfuriating

3. “The scar on my hand – a skin graft from my upper arm – tans more than the rest.”

The scar on my hand, from a skin transplant from my upper arm, gets more tanned than the rest

4. “I want to have my ear pierced and I need tips because of the strange shape of my ears.”

Seeking piercing recommendation for my weird ear shape. I’m new to piercings and your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks from r / piercing

5. “The extremely long, gray hair on my roommate’s arm. He calls it ‘Long John Silver’. “

My housemates extra long silver arm hair. He calls it Long John Silver. from r / interestingasfuck

6. “My girlfriend’s eyes are crazy.”

My girlfriend’s eyes are weird from r / mildlyinteresting

7. “A birthmark has formed in the nail bed under the nail of my right ring finger.”

A birthmark developed under the skin on my right ring finger where the nail I formed. It permanently colors the nail and leaves brown pinstripe the width of the birthmark.

8. “I was born with a normal thumb and a club thumb.”

I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb. from r / mildlyinteresting

9. “I am a tall, slender man, but I have grotesquely short, broad feet.”

I’m a tall, thin guy but have got cartoonishly short, wide feet. from r / WTF

10. “I have a birthmark on my eye.”

I have a birthmark in my eye from r / interestingasfuck

11. “I was born without a nasal septum.”

I was born without a bridge in my nose from r / mildlyinteresting

12. “This is how my vitiligo changes from winter to summer.”

How my vitiligo changes from the winter to the summer from r / mildlyinteresting

13. “The cartilage on one of my ears is wobbly and I can turn it inside out. I call it my elf ear. My great-grandmother had that too. “

I have floppy cartilage in one of my ears, and can flip the cartilage inside out. i call it my elf ear. My great grandma could do the same thing. from r / mildlyinteresting

14. “This is the extra tooth that grew under my roof of the mouth.”

This tooth bud that was growing in the roof of my mouth from r / mildlyinteresting

15. “I am often asked if I wear contact lenses even when I have my glasses on.”

I often get asked if I’m wearing contacts, even though I have my glasses on. from r / eyes

As you can see, curious body features are nothing to be ashamed of. Why should you be ashamed of something that makes you unique?

You can find more fascinating pictures of rare body features and anomalies here:

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