15 photos of impressive optical illusions

15 photos of impressive optical illusions

Whether young or old – everyone’s eyes play a trick or the brain plays a trick every now and then. This is often because our thinking apparatus tries to put incomplete, strange, or contradicting information conveyed by the eyes together into something known and meaningful.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

A dark puddle under a garbage can? That can only be a shadow! Many people will probably have this impression when they look at the first picture in this gallery. But the fifteen pictures that follow are also a bit of a challenge for the brain. Who doesn’t get bogged down by any of these illusions?

1. “Here is a garbage can that defies gravity.”

Here’s a gravity defying trash can from r / funny

2. Don’t worry! She has no stork legs, just a bag of popcorn in her hand.

Young girl posing with a bag of popcorn from r / confusing_perspective

3. The son of the headless rider.

Cross posted from r / illusionporn, headless optical illusion from r / pics

4. The guy on the right has really long arms.

Guy on the right has really long arms from r / confusing_perspective

5. What is happening here?

So i spotted this optical illusion. from r / singapore

6. “My friend’s dog is an optical illusion …”

My friends dog is an optical illusion … from r / pics

7. “This is flat farmland in eastern Colorado (USA). The snow has blown and melted in some fields, creating a crazy 3D illusion. “

This is flat farmland in Eastern Colorado with wind blown / melted patches of snow creating a crazy 3D illusion. from r / pics

8. How do you come up with the idea of ​​putting up a “mirror fence”?

Illusion from r / pics

9. “I thought dogs and giraffes were too different to have common offspring. How rarely does this happen in the wild? “

I thought dogs and giraffes were too different to create viable offspring together- how rare is this in the wild? from r / shittyaskscience

10. Two people, one head.

PsBattle: A Soccer coaches head merges with another person behind him to make a weird “one headed” optical illusion from r / photoshopbattles

11. Looks like a badly photoshopped picture.

When the water is so still it makes an optical illusion from r / pics

12. Only a Frisbee whizzes through the air.

Nice optical illusion (for those who can spot it). from r / pics

13. “Elephant or cow head?”

Eleph or cow head ?? Optical illusion from r / pics

14. One or two people?

You had to look twice huh.

15. A puffed fist.

Metal is everywhere in nature

Pictures like that are really upsetting! It is no different with these optical illusions, which were not intended. Neither were these shadows intended. How you perceive something sometimes says a lot about the viewer. If you want to test yourself, this deception is recommended.

Thumbnails: © reddit / u / harshBanjare © reddit / u / shellybean23

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