15 perfectly timed photos

15 perfectly timed photos

Sometimes two seconds are worlds apart – professional photographers in particular can confirm that. In addition, of course, an interesting ambience, the right angle and often a lucky hand for impressive photographs are essential.

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The following pictures are the best evidence of this: They were all taken in the right place at the right time and sometimes even play a little trick on the mind. If you don’t believe that, you can see for yourself:

1. The sticker stuck to the top of the laptop and the person sitting next to you cannot be a coincidence.

Guy looks exactly like the woman’s laptop sticker. from r / pics

2. That he doesn’t burn his gripper!

Cat playing with a ball

3. A hummingbird darkness.

Hummingbird in the sun from r / pics

4. A photo taken at the exact moment when someone pushed the table.

My sister took this photo of our coffees just as the table got knocked. from r / mildlyinteresting

5. A particularly colorful swamp.

Me and my girlfriend were walking in the woods the other week and saw a rainbow pool for the first time from r / pics

6. In a bar: three strangers, one pattern.

Portland from r / pics

7. Don’t worry, no kitten fell into it.

This can of paint looks like a cat. from r / mildlyinteresting

8. Looks like pizza, but don’t bite into it.

Pizza? from r / forbiddensnacks

9. The aquarium conjures up this wonderful rainbow.

Perfect rainbow from r / oddly satisfying

10. Immersion and emergence of two swimmers at the right moment.

Like a fish out of water from r / illusionporn

11. This is not a raven, but a cat.

12. Halo.


13. This cat has no unusual legs, just a comfortable stool.


14. This driver can look forward to a warmed-up car.

15. Could be an iPhone, but it’s just a full bathtub.


Remarkable! These photos deserve to be viewed for more than a moment. How nice that they were shared with the whole world.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / mrevanbc © Imgur / WullieBlake

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