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15 ingenious uses for old magazines

15 ingenious uses for old magazines

If you have a magazine subscription, the magazines regularly flutter into the house and soon pile up to unimagined heights. They are often too good to throw away and they cannot always be donated or passed on to friends.

Total upcycling: Here, waste becomes ideas. (Scroll down to the article.)

And that’s not necessary, because you can make so many great decorations from them. Not only does it look good, it is also good for the environment. From flowers to wallpaper, there is sure to be the perfect use for your old magazines.

1. Pearls

Pearls can be made from old magazines, which you can combine to make a beautiful necklace. Whether as a birthday present for your girlfriend, as a garland for Christmas or to embellish gifts – occasions are intended for the original pearls.

2. Frame for mirrors

Are you looking for an extraordinary mirror, but don’t want to spend tons of money? Then turn your old magazines into a real eye-catcher. The frame looks great and is easy to make. To do this, roll the pages of the magazine and glue them close together around the mirror. The effect is fascinating.

3. Bobby pins

Use old magazines to beautify your bobby pins and make them very special. Either use children’s magazines to get bright colors for your children’s hair clips, or make your own hair clips from your notebooks. They are also a nice present for friends and family.

4. Stool

Instead of just stacking old magazines in the corner or in the closet, you can build a stool out of them in a few simple steps. To do this, stack them as high as you like, put a pillow on top and tie them together with belts, a clothesline or parcel string. If the stool is not stable enough for you, have it closed at the top and bottom with a suitably cut wooden panel. Practical and stylish at the same time!

5. Coasters

These recycled coasters are really adorable. By rolling up individual pages from magazines, you not only get a new set of coasters, but you also recycle your old magazines. To make them more durable and waterproof, apply a thin layer of varnish to seal them.

6th bowl

Another great idea are trays made from magazines, because they are easy to make and yet unique. The shape of the bowls is entirely up to you. When they are finished, you can reseal them to store fruit in them, or you can use them for make-up, jewelry or your keys.

7. Bow for gifts

Here’s a cool way to spice up your gifts with old magazines. Make bows out of them and give all your gifts a piece of individuality.

8. Flower pot

For everyone with a green thumb, this idea is definitely worth mentioning. Turn boring flower pots into real eye-catchers by rolling the individual pages and sticking them close together on the outside of the flower pot.

9. Wall clock

Magazines can be used not only as an ornament for mirrors, but also for chic wall clocks. There are almost no limits to your creativity and you can design the clocks however you want. These unique works certainly make something as a gift.

10. Shoe ornament

Give old magazines a new use by decorating your shoes with them and making them unique. Cut out the motifs of your choice and apply them to the shoes using the napkin technique. Incidentally, it works best with shoes made of smooth material. The possibilities are endless and your kids will love it too.

11. Party decoration

Turning old magazines into party decorations will not only go down well with your guests. Cut them up for homemade garlands or paper rosettes and give your celebration a very special flair.

12. Wallpaper

For this idea you will need your old magazines, a document shredder that divides the individual pages into narrow strips, and wallpaper paste. Then use the thin strips for probably the most extraordinary DIY wallpaper that gives your room a cool retro look.

13. Nail art

Did you know that you can use old magazines to decorate not only your shoes but also your fingernails? Customize your nails to suit your mood with pictures or words that you cut out of the magazines.

14. Envelopes

There is hardly anything more boring than plain white envelopes when you want to send birthday or Christmas cards. But with the help of old magazines, colorful and creative envelopes can be created. Take a standard envelope as a template and make your own envelopes from the magazine pages. In this way you can put a smile on the recipient’s face as soon as the mailbox is opened.

15. Flower decoration

Cut up your old magazines and transform them into beautiful paper flowers that you can use to beautify your home or table. They are decorative and bring a touch of spring into the house even in winter.

Before you next throw your magazines in the paper bin, think about what else you can make out of them. You have enough ideas and inspiration now.

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