15 funny pictures show everyday life as a mother

15 funny pictures show everyday life as a mother

Motherhood has many aspects: One moment one’s heart wants to burst with happiness at the sight of the sweet angels that one has carried under one’s heart for 9 months – and the next one would like to shoot the brood of Satan on the moon so that there is at least one rest.

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Indeed, the offspring can put their delicate nerves to the test if they ignore what they have been told to do, but do exactly what has been forbidden to them. These 15 mothers can tell all too well about it:

1. The main thing is to keep your hands free!

2. Invisible to everyone except the mother.

3. Restful sleep is a thing of the past.

4. Maybe that’s why nobody can find their shoes in the morning?

5. Privacy? Nothing.

6. Somebody had to be very urgent.

7. When the baby gets its first teeth.

8. Who has ever hidden from their own children in order to have at least 5 minutes of rest?

9. Children always try to make themselves invisible when they have done something.

10. It is highly suspicious if it gets too quiet in the nursery.

Addiction is a serious youth crisis! Should Jams age limit be increased? from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

11. What great “stickers” the daughter found!

My friend’s daughter “made her own stickers” from r / funny

12. If you ask the children to help out …

My daughter did this. I have no words ….. from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

13. … or clean up the room.

Told my son to clean his room … from r / funny

14. It was like that!

15. Love goes through the stomach.

Everyday life as a mother has many surprises in store. But one thing is certain: it never gets boring with children! And no matter how much the kids dance on your nose, you wouldn’t want to trade them for anything in the world. You can find even more three-cheeses doing funny mischief in these picture galleries:

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