15 funny pictures of personalized masks

15 funny pictures of personalized masks

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, masks have become an integral part of our everyday life. If the sterile surgical look of medical masks is too depressing in the long run, you can also order personalized masks on the Internet. The people in the following pictures had the brilliant idea of ​​simply having their own smile printed on the mask – with funny to scary results.

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A smiling face on the mask lifts the mood in the gloomy pandemic everyday life – at least that’s what Twitter user Cameron Mattis thought. But when he finally put the product on, he couldn’t help but laugh. Something had gone wrong with the printing. The result was more like a caricature than a friendly face:

“The good news: my mask has arrived,” wrote Cameron on Twitter. “The bad one: You printed my face 20% too large.” But he wasn’t the only one whose personalized mask turned out to be a flop. Encouraged by Cameron’s selfie, other users also shared funny pictures of their screwed up masks.

1. Cameron’s mask in everyday use: definitely an eye-catcher.

2. You can overdo it with a good mood.

3. Between mug shot and caricature.

4. There’s nothing like a bright smile!

5. “Grandmother, why do you have such big teeth?”

6. This mask was intended for everyday work. How do you think customers will react?

7. It doesn’t always have to be a bright smile.

Decided to try and get one of those custom face-masks … it didn’t turn out so good … from r / funny

8. Why the long face?

9. The unfavorable 3D effect is intensified when breathing.

10. The proportions are more correct here, but the result is no less disturbing.

11. The fabric’s pot holder structure may not be the ideal printing surface either.

12. The enthusiasm is limited.

13. This smile opens the door – or puts you under lock and key.

14. The ordinary Monday morning look.

15. “Crunchy, crispy, knuckle …”

Even if the result does not meet expectations, these masks should still put you in a good mood – just maybe in a different way than expected. In general, every bit of humor and lightness is a pleasant change in these difficult times.

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