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15 funny pictures of design fails

15 funny pictures of design fails

When looking at the following photos, it is difficult to believe that behind these designs that take getting used to, there are actually people who thought something – but maybe it was already Friday or just before lunch. This is the only way to show these highly idiosyncratic end results in the following funny pictures that were released onto the market.

Fancy some really funny videos? (Scroll down to the article.)

At least nobody gets harmed with these design failures – they only strain our laughing muscles.

1. Only anti-dandruff shampoo can help against the design of this keyboard.

This laptop keyboard with a white splatter-paint design, making it look like it’s covered in dust and dandruff. from r / CrappyDesign

2. What should speak against a brown speckled pattern on the locus?

I mean, of all the design choices, you chose this from r / CrappyDesign

3. You have to be very slim and leave your shopping cart behind if you need something out of that aisle.

A support pillar in the middle of the isle, there it’s a dead end, so you have to leave your shopping cart here and go around to take stuff. from r / CrappyDesign

4. Hopping is the most natural way of locomotion for Homo sapiens.

That’s not how walking works from r / CrappyDesign

5. Spoiled meat? No, just a badly chosen print on the cling film.

Meat packaging that makes the product look moldy from r / CrappyDesign

6. The alarm button and the stop button have the same Braille label.

The Braille on the “ALARM” and “STOP” button on this bus are the same from r / CrappyDesign

7. What majestic creatures polar bears are.

Landmark in my town was gone for over 2 years due to restoration. This is what it looked like when it returned. from r / CrappyDesign

8. Privacy is capitalized here.

this damned toiled from r / CrappyDesign

9. “‘Sample text’ was printed on my grandparents’ pillow.”

this pillow at my grandparents house from r / CrappyDesign

10. These handles are primarily good for collecting dust.

The handles on my kitchen counters; they’re hard to grasp, hard to clean, and have a recess at the bottom that attracts crumbs and dust like crazy. There are 14 of them! from r / CrappyDesign

11. Being able to see your counterpart at the table is definitely overrated.

I love not being able to see the person I’m eating dinner with. from r / CrappyDesign

12. This device is supposed to help strengthen your fingers – but how do you get your thumb up there?

My boyfriend’s finger exerciser has 5 buttons … buuuut … how does one get the thumb to reach? from r / CrappyDesign

13. Maybe blue would have been the better color choice here.

Now that’s just a bad logo. Period. from r / CrappyDesign

14. So nobody can steal the silver spoons.

I can’t even find the right words to title this mess. from r / CrappyDesign

15. Can be done. But you shouldn’t.

hmmm from r / hmmm

The dubious products definitely have one thing in common: They are involuntarily weird. If not practical or handsome, then at least a guarantee to laugh. However, one wonders what went wrong with such screwed up designs, and why no one noticed

Thumbnails: © Reddit / PlatinumSamVEVO © Reddit / MexPlay1337

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