15 funny pictures of beauty failures

15 funny pictures of beauty failures

Homemade cosmetics have become extremely popular since practically every household has access to the Internet. While in the past you had to make an appointment with the beautician or hairdresser for every cosmetic treatment, today’s women prefer to do everything themselves. Anyone who has ever tried to follow a YouTube tutorial knows that it always looks easier there than it actually is, and a lot can go in the pants!

Fancy some really funny videos? (Scroll down to the beauty fails.)

The women in the following funny pictures can probably sing a song about it, because pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with them. After all, these beauty failures are a warning example that when it comes to beauty and cosmetics, it is better to let professionals do their work.

1. “I put a shopping bag on my head while the bleach should take effect …”

Plastic bag used to retain heat while bleaching hair …. pure genius. from r / Justfuckmyshitup

2. Desire vs. Reality.

stylist or three year old? from r / ExpectationVsReality

3. “My sister accidentally used my thinning comb to comb her hair … I can’t anymore.”

4. “When the make-up advisor in your cosmetics shop helps you choose the right self-tanner for your skin type.”

5. She wanted a step cut, she got a step cut – literally!

She learned the hard way not to cheap out on a barber ..

6. “I applied a homemade turmeric mask to my face without knowing that turmeric stains a lot. Now I look like Bart Simpson. “

7. “Thank you, Facebook, for reminding me of the time when I accidentally dyed my hair orange and dressed like a net of tangerines.”

8. Hair pieces should be as good as invisible … provided you buy them in the right color.

9. “Professional tip: Don’t start crying after spray tanning!”

Spray tan tears won’t go away from r / funny

10. Note: Get into the hot bathtub with freshly painted nails = stupid idea!

11. When your magnetic eyelashes suddenly want to guide you north.

12. YouTube tutorials always look easier than they actually are!

13. Clip-in extensions should make the hair look thicker. But that only works if you don’t attach it to the top hair.

14. Hey, not too bad at all! But doesn’t the varnish really belong ON the nails?

15. Trimming your bangs is child’s play! Or maybe not?

To everyone who had similar bad experiences: Do not be discouraged, because no master has fallen from heaven! And with a little practice, you might even become the next tutorial star in YouTube heaven.

More funny pictures of beauty failures and similar mishaps can be found here:

Preview: © Imgur via Reddit / PlausibleDeniabiliti

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