15 funny dog ​​pictures

15 funny dog ​​pictures

Dogs and humor? Those who have both are doing something good for their health. On the one hand, energetic fur noses drive their master from the comfortable sofa outside to go for a walk and thus ensure more movement that benefits the body. On the other hand, they often make people laugh with their foolishness, which is also known to be healthy.

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If you don’t have a dog, at least you don’t have to do without the foolishness. Fortunately, quite a few dog owners online share the fun they have with their four-legged friends, as the following sixteen pictures show:

1. This dog is so good it has a halo around it.

The way the sun is shining through the window on my dog. from r / mildlyinteresting

2. “A colleague of mine takes her dog to the laboratory. He must also wear protective goggles there. “

3. “Happy Holidays from Maverick and Emily!”

Happy Holidays from Maverick and Emily! from r / aww

4. “I got myself a mask that should look like my dog. This expression was worth it. “

Got a mask to match my dog ​​and her expression made buying it worth it from r / pics

5. “We’re going to be spending most of November in an RV in the mountains of North Carolina so we had to winterize Axle!”

We’re going to spend most of November in a camper in the mountains of North Carolina so we had to make Axle some winter jammies from r / aww

6. Less fur is more in summer.

This pic I took of my dog ​​looks like a crime scene photo. from r / funny

7. “Looks like dogs would like to annoy their siblings too!”

Looks like dogs are jerks to their siblings as well from r / AnimalsBeingJerks

8. “Guys, my mom just covered my dog ​​for his afternoon nap. I can hardly contain myself with laughter! “

9. “My little puppy was sad after the operation because he now has to wear a leak protection. That’s why my mother spiced it up a bit! “

10. “Look at this good dog I just saw in Canada!”

11. “My girlfriend is currently away. Finally a joint dinner with my dog! We had always postponed that up to now. “

My girlfriend was out of town so my dog ​​and I finally had the dinner we’re always putting off from r / pics

12. “Rhino puppy!”

Rhinodoggo from r / aww

13. “My puppy sleeps like an angel!”

My puppy sleeping like an angel from r / dogpictures

14. “The office bitch is not allowed on the sofa, but she rebels against it every day.”

Office dog isn’t allowed on the couch, so this is her daily act of rebellion from r / aww

15. “My friend sent me this picture but didn’t say anything about it.”

My friend sent me this pic and said nothing from r / funny

For shooting, isn’t it? If you don’t want the fun to stop, you can find more funny dog ​​pictures here:

Thumbnails: © Reddit / Theyallknowme © Twitter / tarahoward75

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