15 funny April Fools jokes

15 funny April Fools jokes

The April Fool’s joke is an ancient European custom that various “comedians” take advantage of every year to properly trick their fellow men. Some of these pranks require weeks of preparation, while others arise out of the situation.

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The following 19 jokes literally sparkle with inventiveness and ingenuity and cause a lot of laughter.

1. Anyone who has ever seen something like this in a joke article store knows that the dizziness can usually be seen from afar. However, this own creation is so well made that it looks deceptively real.

© Imgur / B34rHands

2. “My sister’s face was priceless when she walked into her room.”

My sister got WRAPPED !! Her face was priceless when we got home from the airport at 2am and she walked into her room to find this …. from r / pics

3. “We hired a mariachi band that followed our headmaster all day.”

Ayyyy. So for our senior prank we hired a mariachi band to follow our principal everywhere he goes.

4. “Left a little surprise for the hotel staff before they checked out.”

Been to a hotel a few months ago. I left them a little surprise.

5. This little joker wanted to fool the dentist with these joke teeth. However, he did not expect that he would take action directly.

My little cousin decided to pull a prank on the dentist this morning from r / funny

6. “From 50 km / h it becomes (mouth) harmonious! When he drives onto the autobahn, it only gets really funny. “

© Imgur / just1ncred1ble

7. How many tomato cakes were made on April 1st by this mean prank?


8. “A new software developer starts with us. I set up his new workplace for him. “

New developer starts soon, decided to give him a prank workstation for his first day from r / VintageApple

9. “The old veranda lasted 97 years. According to my calculations, this prank will pay off in 2114! “

Old front porch lasted 97 years. By calculations this prank may not pay off until 2114.

10. This joke totally backfired.

When a prank goes better than expected

11. Mhhh, yummy! Candied Ä … onions.

Some people just want to watch the world burn

12. “My roommate is vegan and often sleepwalked. While this is happening to her, she often unconsciously uses the refrigerator. So I made it look like she ate all of this in her sleep! She freaked out when she woke up this morning. “

fun prank for a sleeping vegan

13. It’s not a prank, it’s a reward!

So my work pulls an april fools prank each year on the same guy …

14. Guaranteed to be more awake than ever before in 3, 2, 1 …

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15. “Made a moving piñata out of my roommate’s car with over 3,500 post-its.”

Harmless but Annoying Prank

There is enough inspiration for everyone to play tricks on those around them. Otherwise there are even more suggestions for April Fools’ jokes. In the sense: April, April!

Preview: © Imgur / B34rHands

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