15 funny and cute pictures of cats

15 funny and cute pictures of cats

Cats have many facets. One is the absolute loner who prefers to have nothing to do with his can opener on two legs, the other does not miss an opportunity to exchange cuddles with her loved one. But one thing is as certain as the amen in church: life with a velvet paw is never boring! Because most of them have more humor than we often want to admit.

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The following cute and funny pictures show that cat owners know only too well how amusing life with their house tigers can be, because they have the rogue on their necks.

1. Please remove the device from the socket only after it has been fully charged.

2. “All my cats hunt ONE moth!”

My cats all hunting a moth from r / aww

3. “This is how my cat sleeps every night.”

This is how my cat sleeps every night … from r / aww

4. “The older my cat gets, the funnier it looks.”

the more my cat ages, the more he looks like an idiot from r / aww

5. “My cat always poses like a king in photos. But today I caught him completely unprepared for once. “

My cat Apollo is always poised for a royal photo, but tonight, I finally caught him off guard. from r / funny

6. About “cats don’t like water”, ha!

I’m rubbish at titles. Here, have a cat

7. I think a little diet is slowly becoming necessary.

My cat may be getting too fat …

8. “Today I opened the blinds so that my cat can watch the trains going by.”

Today, I opened the blinds so my cat could see the train go by …

9. “I wanted to get the flour out of the kitchen cupboard, but it accidentally slipped out of my hand …”

Dropped some flour on my cat

10. “My nephew was naughty today and should stand in the corner. The cat decided to help him. “

My nephew was put into time out. The cat decided to join him.

11. “My father left a note on the table for me. He wrote that he had given the cat money for me for pizza and beer. “

Just got home from work and found this note from my dad on the fridge … a little confused, i walked to into the living room to find my cat as promised. Thanks dad!

“I thought he was kidding me, but when I walked into the living room, I wasn’t disappointed.”

12. “I think my cat is planning to kill me.”

My cat looks like he wants to tell me a scary story

13. “The graphic resolution of my cat was also better.”

Things are not going great … I had to lower my cat’s resolution.

14. Typical people! They can do nothing alone, you have to take everything into your own paw!

“Nobody fucking helps out in this house”

15. Has the owner found his cat in the meantime?

An Asshole, This Cat in an Asshole !!!

After these cute pictures, who could still claim not to be a cat person? At least the house tigers are in no way inferior to their barking opponents in terms of humor.

Thumbnails: © Imgur / mysterywithabeautifulsmile © Imgur / JDoofy

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