15 everyday things with unknown names

15 everyday things with unknown names

These things are used almost every day and yet very few people know what they are actually called. If the question of the official name arises in a conversation, one ponders and ponders, but the answer simply does not come to mind. Then you get ambitious and you really want to know the name. The following article will help you to finally satisfy this need by introducing you to 15 everyday objects whose names hardly anyone knows.

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1. “Space-saving protection”

Everyone has at least one file folder at home. But what do you actually call the small recesses through which the ring bar protrudes? Quite simply: That is the “space saving protection”. Because without these slots, the folder would have to be much wider to close.

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2. “Tip jams”

Speaking of files: The part that holds the documents in place with one click is called a “tip jam”.

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Binder in use

3. “Staples”

The part of the zipper that you slide up and down is called the “slider” – quite clearly. But what is the name of the little teeth that are hooked together? These are the “cramps”!

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4. “Pull loops”

Have you always wondered why there are small loops on the back of some shoes? These are so-called “pull loops” that help you to get into the shoe more easily without having to use a shoehorn.


5. “needle”

By the way, the official name of the end of your shoelace is called “needle”, even if you might be more familiar with the term “pink”.


6. “Crown”

The clock change means that you have to turn the small wheel on the side of your watch twice a year. This wheel is also called the “crown”.

New Watch

7. “Pin buckle”

You then close the bracelet of your watch with the so-called “pin buckle”. This is what the metallic clasp is called.

Anniversary Gift

8. “Bridge plate”

The small holders of the glasses that sit on the nose are called “bridge plates”. People who wear glasses may already have known this.

New glasses

9. “Stud nut”

So that ear studs stay firmly in the ear and do not fall out with every movement, no matter how small, they are attached with a so-called “ear stud nut”.

Miniature Oreo Cookies Earrings

10. “Deposit lock”

Even the thing you put the shopping chip in has its own name. And that is the “deposit lock”.

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Shopping trolleys

11. “Clip band”

The best-before date for bread and other pasta is marked on the so-called “clip tape”. This also serves as a closure to keep the food in question fresher longer.

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12. “Pilsner doilies”

The small paper that is on beer glasses is called “Pilsdeckchen”. It is used to catch drops that go wrong while drinking, so that the glass does not start to stick.

flensburg pils

13. “Agraffe”

The champagne cork, on the other hand, is secured with a wire clip, which must be loosened when the bottle is opened. It is a “agraffe”.

Group portrait

14. “Suction bell”

Pömpel or rather a siphon cleaner? It all depends on the region in which you live. But the official name is and remains “suction bell”.

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15. “Finn” and “Bahn”

The wedge-shaped side of the hammer is called the “fin”, while the other side that you use to drive the nails into the wall is called the “track”.


Hand on heart: how many of the everyday objects you were able to name? Do you think you are a real professional by name? Then try this quiz with 15 other everyday objects.

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