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15 dogs that aren’t the same after the hairdresser

15 dogs that aren’t the same after the hairdresser

These masters and mistresses were amazed when they wanted to pick up their beloved Fiffi from the dog groomer and received a completely new dog.

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When looking at the following 15 freshly coiffed dogs, one can understand the confusion of their owners only too well:

1. “My buddy had to make sure three times at the dog groomer that this really is his dog, which he is now taking home.”

My friend had to triple check with the groomer to make sure he was bringing home the right dog. from r / aww

2. “My dog ​​has a new haircut and now he looks like he has given up drinking.”

My dog ​​got a haircut, and now it looks like he gave up drinking

3. Who would have thought that a completely different dog was hidden under the thick fur?

From shaggy to happy! Total transformation. Not every pupper is beyond a miracle. from r / doggrooming

4. “I just picked up Kubo from his first shear, but I’m not sure if we came back with the right dog.”

5. “It’s 32 ° C out there so my little one-eyed friend needed a new haircut.”

It’s 32 ° C degrees (90 ° F) outside, so my dog, One-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer. from r / aww

6. A true schnauzer wears his schnauzer with pride.

Willie had his first haircut today. I think I brought home the wrong puppy! from r / schnauzers

7. If you think your dog just has thick fur, and then you realize that it wasn’t the fur that is that thick …

Took doggo to groomer. Got a different doggo back from r / aww

8. Finally no more shagging in front of the lens!

My dog ​​before and after a haircut from r / aww

9. “What a difference a haircut makes! Our new foster dogs Vileda, 13 years old, and Swiffer, 10 years old, are being examined by the vet today. “

What a difference a hair cut makes! Latest fosters 13 year old “Vileda” and 10 year old “Swiffer” Vets today to get them checked over from r / aww

10. “Learned another life lesson. Always describe in great detail how you would like your dog to be shorn! I gave in a Shih Tzu and received a Lama. “

I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, “Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog to be groomed.” DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA. from r / funny

11. Sometimes a new haircut like this suddenly turns a woolly poodle into a Great Dane.

From puppy to dog in one haircut from r / dog grooming

12. In front of the hairdresser you would not have expected such a slim line.

To the guy whose dog got a haircut, I present my dog

13. “My dog ​​before and after his hairdresser visit … From nasty biker to pastor’s son.”

My boy, before and after going to the groomer … Went from dirty biker to innocent preacher’s kid. from r / aww

14. If your best friend suddenly looks shockingly similar to the painter Bob Ross after visiting the hairdresser …

15. “Our eight month old Bobtail Oliver was at the dog groomer for the first time. I didn’t even recognize him! “

Oliver, our 8 month Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) shed his puppy coat at the groomers. I didn’t recognize him at first! from r / aww

But don’t worry! It will definitely not take long and the beloved Fiffi looks just as shaggy and cheeky again as before his visit to the hairdresser.

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Thumbnails: © Reddit / pethcir

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