15 dogs getting a new sibling

15 dogs getting a new sibling

Brothers and sisters. Sometimes they are obnoxious rivals, sometimes a lifeline in need. Often the relationship between brothers and sisters appears mixed, at least in childhood. Especially when there is a new addition to the family, many older siblings still have to get used to the idea of ​​receiving less attention and instead having to endure the intrusiveness of the little one.

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Apparently this experience is cross-species, as the following pictures show. These dogs are not exactly enthusiastic about the new puppy and show it in a visibly funny way. Like human siblings, they too probably ask themselves the question: “How did I deserve this !?”

1. “He loves his new sister.”

He loves his new sister from r / aww

2. “This is how my friend’s dog reacted to the new puppy.”

My boyfriend’s dog’s reaction to the new puppy from r / funny

3. “My sister sent me a photo of her dog and her new puppy. Man, he pulls a face. “

My sister sent me a photo of her dog and new puppy. Man, that face. from r / dogpictures

4. A bit of a pain in the ass.

Annoying little brother … from r / aww

5. It is unbearable.

6. Love at first sight.

How your dog feels when you bring home a “cute” new puppy from r / dogpictures

7. He’s got it on his cheek forever.

When you lose the receipt to return your little sister … from r / lookatmydog

8. “Our new dog called Pepper! Sarge is a bit confused, however. “

Our new dog pepper! Sarge is a little confused though. from r / aww

9. He lets himself be fooled.

10. He shines with joy.

11. “My six year old Pyrenees mountain dog Milo and his new little brother Rumi.”

My six year old Pyr Milo and his new baby brother Rumi 🙂 from r / greatpyrenees

12. “Dude has a new sister … It takes some getting used to for him. May I introduce: Boo (left). “

Dude just got a sister .. it’s a bit of an adjustment .. Reddit, meet Boo (on the left) from r / aww

13. “Sibling rivalry …”

Sibling rivalry … from r / dogpictures

14. “The little brother is so annoying.”

Little brother is so annoying from r / goldenretrievers

15. Now he has the salad.

Old Boye is heckin annoyed at New Girl from r / rarepuppers

The looks of these fur noses say more than a thousand words!

Equally amusing are these dogs that make their humans laugh. Dogs can do this, for example, by sleeping in strange breaks.

But dogs do not only contribute to cheerfulness. They touch every heart with their loyalty, as these dogs show, who stay with their masters in the darkest hour.

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