15 design fails

15 design fails

Furniture, decorative items or fashion – nothing can be better argued about than taste. Fortunately, there are all kinds of creative designers who make sure that everyone gets their money’s worth.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Sometimes it goes wrong when a designer wants to create something very special. For example, you can buy bags in the shape of udders or the toilet paper suddenly hangs on your ear instead of in the bathroom. But convince yourself:

1. The presenter makes the dress partially disappear against the dark background.

Choose your dress wisely cos I’m fucking confused right now

2. Doesn’t that hurt a little ?!

3. Why?

4. When I was little, people still played with the Barbies …

5. When you can do something with the rest of the material.

Four flannels stitched into one flannel from r / ATBGE

6. In this way mother and child are as close as possible.

7. The perfect pants for meat lovers.

8. If you want to intimidate someone.

Asking for trouble here …

9. There is a type of toilet paper for every taste.

This ramen joint in Japan has legit 12 types of toilet paper ..

10. For everyone who likes things a little more airy.

11. It doesn’t look cozy …

12. A very nature-loving bag …

13. So that you always have something with you when the toilet paper runs out.

14. For easier typing without breaking your nails.

15. Whatever you think about the work of US actor Steve Buscemi – does his face have to be on leggings?

Given these images, one really wonders what the designers were thinking. Maybe they just wanted to make us laugh. They definitely made it.

Thumbnail: ©Imgur / killkillkilldiedie

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