15 daring tattoos

15 daring tattoos

Tattoos are not for everyone. Just the thought of the painful procedure and possible complications should deter many from getting under the needle. What if the tattoo artist’s hand slips or the beautiful, shiny motif turns into a faded, wrinkled creased image over the years? What if you no longer like the tattoo a week after the sting?

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Cautious natures prefer to have something inconspicuous. But the following people didn’t want to know anything about hearts and tribals. “If so, then right”, they thought and decided on a tattoo that is anything but ordinary.

1. Hopefully the tattooed area will not shed its skin.

2. Nice to eat!

3. The toad belly is particularly successful.

A toad knee tattoo from r / ATBGE

4. Miami woof.

Pretty sure this goes here. Taken from r / tattoos. from r / ATBGE

5. Bugs Bunny as Pumper Nickel.

Blursed tattoo from r / blursedimages

6. The two are a hit at every wine tasting.

7. A straight through.

My friend was going to get a tattoo, but then he took an arrow in the knee … from r / gaming

8. If Nicolas Cage only knew …

9. No more slipping pants.

10. When the breast becomes the canvas.

11. Cat owners should always have a blueprint with them.

Destroyed Pussy Tattoo

12. The ultimate deterrent for grannies pinching cheeks.

Yea let’s just get a spider tattoo from r / ATBGE

13. “Forbidden fruit”: Just don’t bite into detergent capsules!

Found this gem on Facebook this morning from r / forbiddensnacks

14. You give the tattoo artist your finger and he immediately wants the whole hand.

15. The miracle of evolution: Chicken wings instead of shoulder blades.

Thanks, I hate chicken wing tattoos from r / TIHI

No matter what you think of these tattoos – you have to admire their wearers for their courage. Will you ever regret your fancy body painting?

You can find more extraordinary tattoo creations in this article.

Thumbnails:© Facebook / Tatuaże terrarystyczne / terraristics tattoo © Reddit / xoJigglypuff

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