15 children who have ancestors from all over the world

15 children who have ancestors from all over the world

It is well known that travel enthusiasts get around a lot. Quite a few leave their homeland forever and build a new life far away. This often includes a family with one or more children who then combine the cultures of their parents.

These videos will warm your heart. (Scroll down to the article.)

This is also the case with the following children. Their parents and grandparents saw a lot of the world and did not stay in their original homeland. The result are these pretty girls and boys whose beauty has many roots. Some of them are gathered on the Instagram page “beautiful mixed kids”:

1. “Marley Jay, 2 years old. Afro-American and Chinese. “

2. “Llords. British, Jamaican and Italian. “

3. “Kamaya, 4 years old. Afro-Jamaican, Indian and Chinese. “

4. “Tyana. Italian and Afro-Peruvian. “

5. “Bella Rose, 6 years old. Italian and African American. “

6. “Amaila. Dutch, Surinamese and Nigerian. “

7. “Kaia Rose. Italian and African American. “

8. “Leo. Russian and Jamaican. “

9. “Kaia, 1 year old. Afro-American and Mexican. “

10. “Evelyn, 4 years old. Afro-American, Irish and Mexican. “

11. “Nylah Raine. Mexican, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Afro-American and Creole. “

12. “Maiya Melissa, 2 years old. Jamaican and English. “

13. “Michael Andre, 1 year old. Greek, Moroccan and Indian. “

14. “Gioia. Dutch, Polish and Cameroonian. “

15. “Altaysha, 9 years old. Jamaican and British. “

These boys and girls are just gorgeous! Other examples of extraordinary beauty and articles on the subject are listed below:

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