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15 children annoy parents during quarantine

15 children annoy parents during quarantine

Since many day-care centers and schools are still closed due to the Corona crisis, parents are suddenly left to their own devices to look after their offspring. Romping around with friends or in the playground also falls flat, which is why all the child’s energy is limited to the four walls at home.

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It is understandable that mothers and fathers quickly reach their limits – especially if they are supposed to work from home on the side. To show what strange situations quarantine with offspring can lead to, these parents have documented their normal madness with the crowd:

1. “If someone wants to know how we parents fare during the quarantine: My 3-year-old cleans his potty with my toothbrush.”

2. That calls for a short haircut.

3. “My children don’t need toilet paper.”

4. “Today is my first day in the home office. How do I get this pink slime out again? “

1st day working from home! How do I get this out? Pink slime. 🤭 from r / pics

5. If diligent first graders can’t go to school, they need a replacement table.

“Now I know my ABCs, I’ll write them on our SUV” from r / Wellthatsucks

6. “He’s crying because he bit his own arm.”

He’s crying because his bit his own arm from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

7. When the child has found the “stickers” in the bathroom.

HMJB while I play from r / holdmyjuicebox

8. “The youngsters have decided to play with the ventilation shafts. What a brilliant idea to leave this open. “

Kid decided to play with the vents in the house today. What a brilliant idea to leave them open from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

9. “Day 37 in quarantine: My children try to cook for each other.”

Quarantine Day 37: The kids are trying to cook each other. from r / funny

10. “My son had to run to the bathroom quickly, but grabbed a handful of brownies on the way.”

My 3.5 year old ran inside to go to the bathroom, but apparently took a detour for a fistful of brownies. There’s literally a handprint in the middle of the pan. from r / funny

11. This is the only way to make the cake really juicy.

Kid spitting all over the cake from r / mildly infuriating

12. “When does school start again? I’m already completely finished. “

13 “Homeschooling quickly turned into a roller-skating party.”

14. “She wanted to take a bath.”

She wanted a bath. 🤦🏻‍♀️ from r / KidsAreFuckingStupid

15. “Had to take the toilet apart to see what was clogging it. My 2-year-old washed down her character from “Die Monster AG”. “

Had to replace and shatter my toilet to see what the blockage was. My 2 year old had flushed Sully in there … even he looks guilty. from r / Wellthatsucks

These three-cheese highs are very creative when it comes to creating chaos. Only one thing helps: close your eyes and go! But worse is always possible, as these unlucky fellows prove, for whom the quarantine is not going so well.

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