15 cats whose destructiveness knows no bounds

15 cats whose destructiveness knows no bounds

Which cat owner doesn’t love their velvet paw? How big this love is can be seen particularly well by how much mischief countless cat lovers can endure without sending their house tiger into the desert. After all, the graceful fish lovers are known for their destructiveness and their stupidity.

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Christopher Ingraham can also tell you a thing or two about it. On Twitter he shared a picture of his cat, which he commented on with the words “the worst hangover in the world”. Of course, this called for contradiction, because apparently many people are of the opinion that they own even the worst house tiger in the world:

1. “The worst hangover in the world has found that he can wake his humans up by storming into the nursery at 6 a.m. and waking the baby.”

2. “He runs around the house like a madman at 3:00 am, jumping into doors and walls. He eats plants in order to choke them straight out again. In his opinion, all doors MUST be wide open, for whatever reason. He teases me when I’m home late or outside too long, he just talks too much. It also falls down everywhere. “

3. “The worst cat in the world? Harley! Pay attention: In the first picture he tore my shower curtain in half. In the second picture he has ripped my beautiful blinds from the window. He also chewed on my Wii cable and earbuds. He is 6 months old. “

4. “My cat pulls on the carpet in the middle of the night. She has a feeder, but that doesn’t stop her from being annoying. “

5. “Graham Catman is the worst cat in the world. All of our furniture is protected with water-repellent blankets because he’s been peeing on our lives for 11 years. He peed on me once, on my wife the next evening, and on our dog the following evening. Here he shows me the finger. “

6. “Former aquarium after the rescue. Cat fled from the crime scene. “

7. “The worst cat in the world? This one goes into the litter box, but pees over the edge. I’ve been cleaning behind her for tens of years. “

8. “When we’re talking about the worst cats, I have to introduce you to Stanley. He found out a while ago that no matter how hard I try to ignore him, he can always get my attention by scratching the walls next to my bed. Since then I have no more peace and I am constantly afraid of my rent deposit. “

9. “Sorry, I have the worst cat in the world … Nasty Henry is so naughty that he sleeps in the garage of his bachelorette party (aka my car) every night. That was his latest wrongdoing. He attacked a bag of sunflower seeds and then knocked over my coffee cup. “

10. “This kitten jumps into the blinds at 3 o’clock in the morning (but also at other times during the day and at night) after it dashes through a long hallway with a full can to take a run!”

11. “My old orange tabby cat Sam found out that if he presses the glowing power button while I am playing on the Xbox, I will chase him around the house.”

12. “The worst cat award would have to go to this guy who broke our TV because he didn’t get a second breakfast.”

13. “This is not my cat. She keeps trying to get in when we open the door. “

14. “My furball wants fresh water from the fridge twice a day. You can’t leave a glass of water around in the house, otherwise she’ll drink from it, even though she has perfect water in her bowl. “

15. “Yes, the potted plant has apparently started.”

What rascals! No less ‘bad’ are these cats, in which a small demon from hell lives. Most of the time, cats don’t have anything bad on their mind. They often don’t care what they do with their faxes.

But you shouldn’t be too angry with the velvet paws, because they don’t always have it easy either. For example, when a vet is due. Besides, they’re not the smartest. Finally, there are some unusual cat snapshots here.

Thumbnails: © Twitter / @ HoltAshleyN

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